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Best Budget Dryer: Amana Dryer

by Ann Louisa

amana dryer

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What types of dryers does Amana make

How much does an Amana dryer cost

Get to Know the Top Features of Amana Dryers

Do you need to pay a lot for a dryer


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For consumers who are in the market for simple appliances, it can be hard to find a dryer that is reliable and high quality without excessive features. Many people want a dryer that effectively dries their clothes but doesn’t require a WiFi connection and convoluted programming. Shoppers on a budget also want to get a good deal. They want to buy from a trusted brand name without spending an excessive amount on a new appliance.

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Amana dryers are perfect for families and those who live in smaller homes. Discover one of the best dryer brands today!

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All of these reasons highlight why consumers opt for an Amana dryer over other appliance brands. Amanda is a recognized name that is known for its quality appliances, but it doesn’t overcharge shoppers. Learn more about Amana dryers and the essential features that customers love.

What types of dryers does Amana make?

Amana is able to accommodate all dryer types, which means you can find a dryer that fits your home and your needs when getting to know this brand. You can find an Amana gas dryer for just over $600 or an Amana electric dryer for a similar price.

Aman primarily makes front-load dryers in white. The company has a classic style that has been used for decades and is preferred by customers. However, if you are looking for a more modern option, you can purchase an Amana dryer that has a transparent door and dark buttons with LED lights.

Amana dryers are family dryers. They can hold 6.5 cubic feet of clothing on average, which means you can run large loads throughout the week. You will no longer have to suffer through multiple loads of laundry because your dryer is too small. You can get this chore done in one cycle and enjoy clean, dry clothes.

How much does an Amana dryer cost?

Amana is considered an affordable brand for consumers who want to save money but don’t want to buy low-quality dryers. They are some of the most affordable dryers on the market that are still respected. Just because a customer wants a cheap dryer doesn’t mean they want it to break down in a few years or fail to dry their clothes. By investing in an Amana dryer, buyers can save money but still handle their laundry effectively.

If you are shopping at Spencer’s TV & Appliance, you can take home an Amana dryer for around $600. This price point applies to both electric and gas models. Amana also sells washer-dryer combos if you need to replace both of your laundry appliances at once. These packages start at around $850.

There are some more advanced models to choose from when shopping for Amana products. For example, a larger gas-powered dryer with a modern look will cost around $940. This price point is still less than similarly-sized dryers on the market and can meet your size and power needs. 

Get to Know the Top Features of Amana Dryers

Amana offers multiple dryer options at different price points; however, most of them come with standard features that you can expect with each Amana appliance. Before you even consider an Amana dryer, get to know these features and systems so you can understand how the appliances work. Then you can decide which add-ons you want. A few top features include:

  • Elven dyer cycles. Choose how long you want to run your dryer and at what temperature. Choose from several different cycles so you can effectively dry your clothes while also protecting them from damage.
  • Automatic dryness control. There is no reason to keep your dryer running when your clothes aren’t wet. This system uses temperature sensors to identify when a load of laundry is done, stopping the cycle when appropriate. This saves energy and prevents overdrying.
  • Wrinkle prevention. You can’t always fold your clothes right away. Turn on the wrinkle prevention option to rotate your clothes periodically. When you have time, you can remove your laundry and it will still feel fresh.

Most Amana dryers also come with reversible doors. You can decide whether you want your dryer to open to the left or to the right. This way you won’t block yourself in your laundry room or can set the door function so it won’t knock over your decorations. 

Amana® 6.5 Cu. Ft. White Front-Load Electric Dryer

amana dryer

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If you are in the market for an affordable dryer, this model is one of the best Amana examples to choose from. This is a standard family dryer that can store 6.5 cubic feet of clothes. The timed dry allows you to determine how long your clothes are in the dryer, which is ideal for shorter cycles on clothes that are only damp. 

This Amana dryer comes with a year-long warranty for parts and labor. The controls are mechanical, which means they are likely to last and can handle years of use. This dryer is 44 inches high, 29 inches wide, and 28 inches deep. It can fit in most laundry spaces without taking up extra room.  

This dryer has thousands of positive reviews from customers who added it to their homes. Customers highlight how the dryer has saved them money on electricity and how easy it is to operate. Even children can learn how to buttons work to help with the laundry as an age-appropriate chore. This dryer only costs $630 which makes it ideal for any budget. 

Do you need to pay a lot for a dryer?

As shoppers start exploring different dryer brands, they realize how expensive some dryers can be. On the high end of the market, customers can pay more than $2,000 to replace a dryer and install it in their homes. Do you really need to spend this much just to dry your clothes?

Before you start shopping for dryers, set aside time to reflect on your needs. Are you a single person who only does laundry once a week? Do you run a large family with messy kids who need school uniforms, sports jerseys, and recreational clothes washed? The latter example will need a more durable dryer that has more storage space, which means they might want to pay more.

The next step is to sort between essential and desirable features. You need a dryer that effectively cleans your clothes. However, you might want a dryer that is WiFi capable so you can set it without leaving the couch. Once you decide which features you are willing to pay for – and which ones you don’t actually need – you can continue your dryer search.

Finally, read customer reviews. Find out what people love about Amana dryers and what they think about them. Hearing honest opinions from others is the best way to decide if it’s worth paying more for a dryer or if a cheap model will work just fine.


How long should an Amana dryer last?

Most dryers will last between 10 to 15 years and Amana is no exception. Most customers say their Amana dryer lasts about a decade before it starts to show signs of wear. If you want to extend the life of your dryer, clean the lint trap after every use. You can also make sure the outer vent is clear so hot air can easily escape.

What company makes Amana dryers?

Amana is a subsidy of Whirlpool. If you are happy with your Whirlpool appliances and want something similar, while still purchasing an affordable dryer, consider Amana. This brand has many of the same features as Whirlpool dryer models but they are sold at a lower price. This is because Amana is considered a budget brand.

Is it worth repairing a dryer?

Every year, your dryer becomes less valuable. The older it is, the less it is worth the cost to repair. Some dryer repairs can cost a few hundred dollars, so it might be worth the extra cost to buy a new one. For example, an Amana dryer only costs $600. It is a better deal to buy one instead of investing a few hundred dollars into temporary repairs.

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At Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we provide high-quality, name-brand products at great prices — check out our catalog to shop Amana dryers online today. Your friends in the business are always happy to help you find an Amana dryer that meets your needs. Call us, or better yet, stop by at one of our locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions. Visit us today!

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