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Water Filtration System

Discover the Magic of Water Filtration Systems

Water is essential for just about everything, which makes it even more important to treat your water right. That’s why if you’ve seen the signs that water treatment is needed in your home, it’s time to decide on the best water filtration system.

But what does that even mean? Don’t worry, your friends in the business are here to answer your questions about water treatment systems.

What is the difference between water softener systems and reverse osmosis systems?

The difference between water softener systems and reverse osmosis systems is how they work. Water softeners replace the minerals that cause hard water through an ion exchange process, to make your water soft.

Reverse osmosis systems, however, remove contaminants through a semi-permeable membrane to produce clean drinking water.

How does a reverse osmosis system work?

More specifically, reverse osmosis systems use water pressure to remove undetectable contaminants, substances, minerals, and large minerals through a membrane and flush the bad stuff away.

The reverse osmosis filtration process consists of pre-filtering your water, using reverse osmosis (taking high concentration solutions through a membrane to lower-concentration solution), draining contaminants, and storing clean water in a tank.

And depending on the severity of you water conditions, the reverse osmosis filter system can consist of four, five, or even six stages. Five-stage reverse osmosis filtration systems have extra pre-filtration, while six-stage filtration systems are designed for the worst water conditions and higher production needs.

What are the benefits to a reverse osmosis system?

Besides practically bottled water quality (minus the plastic), reverse osmosis water treatment systems provide plenty of benefits.

By filtering out all the harmful chemicals and other contaminants in your water, you can lessen skin issues and keep from producing increased carcinogens.

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems will benefit you especially if you have chemical sensitivities, a compromised immune system, or poor municipal water. (Or if you’re simply concerned with contaminants in your water, which is a normal concern!)

Keep in mind that a reverse osmosis system will also remove good minerals, including iron, calcium, and manganese.

Have any more questions about water filtration systems that we didn’t cover? Consult our FAQ on water treatment systems and reverse osmosis systems for more information on filtration and water filter system installation!

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