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Gas Ranges

Brand: GE
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GE® 30" White Free Standing Gas Range
GE® 30" Stainless Steel Slide In Gas Range
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Mouth-Watering Gas Ranges for Your Culinary Masterpieces

So, you want to cook with fire, huh? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll talk about everything you need to know to get the right range for your kitchen. Maybe a range with WiFi capabilities? Perhaps you want to know the difference between convection and conventional ovens? Or, what is free-standing vs slide-in?

Not to worry; we’ve got you covered.

First things first: For any gas range, your home is going to need a gas line leading to wherever you want to put your range. Contact our experts for advice on how to get that process started.

Second thing: A range consists of an oven and a cooktop with burners. These can be electric, induction or gas, or even a combination of both in dual-fuel ranges.

Free-Standing Gas Range

Free-standing ranges can fit anywhere you have a place for it in your kitchen, provided you have a gas line. All sides of a free-standing range are finished, so if your range sits at the end of your cabinets, it will still look professional and clean.

Some of these ranges will come with a backsplash where you’ll find controls and a display for the range.

Slide-in Gas Range

Slide-in ranges are designed to fit in flush with your cabinetry. These ranges won’t feature a backsplash, so if you have stylish tile behind your range, it will still be on display for your kitchen guests. The controls for slide-in ranges are also found on the font, either on a front panel or in front of the cooktop burners.

Pro Style Gas Ranges

If your kitchen is your haven within the home; if you spend your off-time dreaming up new recipes and your on-time making them; if you’re the holiday host everyone tells their friends about, then a pro-style range is the right choice.

These gas ranges come with the size and power you need to whip up huge meals. With units that feature dozens of range configurations, dual ovens, and enough burners to cook every side dish at once, you might need to hire some help.

Convection, Conventional, and Induction

Lastly, let’s cover some terms you’ll want to know.

Conventional ovens have active heating elements that heat your food. Whatever you’re cooking will need to be closer to the heating elements to get the best cooking experience.

Convection ovens circulate the air with fans, so no matter where your pan is in the oven, whatever you’re making will get cooked more evenly.

Keep in mind that most recipes are written for conventional ovens, so you’ll have to adjust times on a convection oven to compensate.

Induction cooktops are electric cooktops that use magnetic induction to directly heat your pan as long as it’s magnetic.

Whatever kind of gas range your cooking needs calls for, we’re here to help! Call or stop by today for expert help in finding the perfect range for your kitchen. With reliable brands you know and trust, you can be sure you’re getting great deals on appliances that will last.