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Electric Ranges

Treat Your Culinary Delights Right with an Electric Range

Looking for a range that will complement your kitchen and your cooking? This is the place to be! Whether you want a range to match your cabinets, or you’re wondering what the difference is between convection and conventional ovens, we’ve got the answers.

What’s a Range, Anyway?

A range consists of an oven and a cooktop with burners. These can be electric, induction or gas, or even a combination of both with dual-fuel ranges.

Free-Standing Electric Range

Free-standing ranges are designed to be placed anywhere in your kitchen where you have space. With finished sides, this range can sit at the end of your counter without looking odd or out of place.

Free-standing ranges are ideal when you don’t have the budget or the go-ahead for a built-in range. Just make sure to measure your space and the range from every angle before you buy.

Some free-standing ranges come with a backsplash along the back edge of the range. This is where you’ll find controls and a display for the range.

Check out our guide to slide-in vs free-standing ranges here!

Slide-in Electric Range

Slide-in ranges are designed to fit in flush with your cabinetry. With the controls for slide-in ranges on the font and no backsplash, you can be sure your stylishly sleek kitchen will stay that way.

As with free-standing ranges, you’ll want to do all sorts of measuring before you make a purchase. This means measuring the space your range is going–from side to side, front to back, and top to bottom.

Also measure out the time you have to wait until you absolutely need a range, and give yourself plenty of cushion time to have the range installed.

Lastly, measure out your patience. Adding appliances can be stressful, but oh, so worth it in the end.

Drop-in Electric Range

If you’re looking to replace a drop-in range, or you’re remodeling your kitchen and a drop-in range is your style, this is the place to look. Drop-in ranges are designed to be professionally installed in a designated and customized space. This means a space that was specifically designed for that drop-in range.

You can work all of this out with a contractor and our helpful staff. Give us a call to get the process started!

While these ranges are less popular, they do have a place in homes that are designed for them, and they offer great features like self-clean and electric controls.

Convection, Conventional, and Induction

Lastly, let’s cover some terms you’ll want to know.

Conventional ovens have active heating elements that heat your food. Whatever you’re cooking will need to be closer to the heating elements to get the best results.

Convection ovens circulate the hot air with fans, so no matter where your pan is in the oven, whatever you’re making will get cooked more evenly. Keep in mind that most recipes are written for conventional ovens, so you’ll have to adjust times on a convection oven to compensate.

Induction cooktops are electric cooktops that use magnetic induction to directly heat your pan. Your pan will need to be magnetic, though. This leaves the cooktop cool to the touch and eliminates the need for a surface heat indicator, but some brands still offer one for the rare event of heat transfer from a very hot pan.

Whatever kind of electric range your hosting and cooking needs calls for, we’re here to help! We carry electric ranges from trusted brands, and shopping here is like having a friend in the business. So call or stop by today for expert help in finding the perfect range for your kitchen.

Let's Go Shopping!

Now you’re ready to browse our online catalog for a new electric range in the size you need and style you love. Need more information? Our team of appliance experts are always happy to help you with any questions you may have—go ahead and give us a call!