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Why Spring for an Appliance Package?

by Bill Welles

Kitchen appliance packages have their advantages over buying each appliance individually. Whether you’re doing a complete kitchen renovation or you’re needing to upgrade an appliance or two, choosing the perfect kitchen appliance package can make for a much smoother process. 

It’s important to keep in mind that upgrading your kitchen involves much more than purchasing a new fridge, oven, and dishwasher. Depending on your needs, it can be a major undertaking that requires significant planning, research, and patience. The appliances that you choose will influence the structure, layout, and design of your kitchen space. Purchasing your appliances as a complete set will help create a seamless and uniform design aesthetic because each appliance will match one another and the sizes will be consistent. 

Trusted major manufactures like KitchenAid, Whirlpool, and GE all offer appliance packages that are proven to be dependable, convenient, and ultra-sleek. The range of appliance packages come in different forms, styles, and price points to be fully accessible for budgets of all sizes to fit your needs and help save you money. Follow our guide and learn all about appliance packages and why they can be a great idea. 

The First Steps 

The first step when exploring a kitchen appliance package is to focus on the cooking appliance. This is because your choice could be restricted depending if your kitchen is equipped for gas or electric appliances. The next step is to find the right refrigerator. You’ll want to find a refrigeration appliance with energy-efficiency because it is continuously running and always in use. 

The type of appliance is also very important. Professional appliances are beautifully designed for durability and power—typically for large families and top-notch cooks. Standard appliances are just as visually appealing and dependable—it’s primarily a personal decision based on taste, budget, and availability. 

Once you’ve figured out some of the logistics, then you can delve into the myriad of different styles, features, and finishes to complement your kitchen’s cabinetry and overall color scheme. This is where your long hours of research are going to be spent, but you’ll reap all the benefits of buying your appliances as a set and find the right kitchen suite to perfectly fit your kitchen space. 

Benefits of Appliance Packages 

Speaking of—lets jump right into the benefits of kitchen appliances packages. First and foremost, they are always made to match each other. Color, styles, and details will be identical for each product. Once installed, you will have a coordinated kitchen instead of a mishmash of different appliances that don’t fit your kitchen. Appliance packages also allow you to become a bulk shopper. You will save money and your budget can be allocated toward higher-end and better-quality appliances than if you bought each one individually. 

Buying everything at once also helps you identify your goals and prioritize the needs of your kitchen space. When thinking about appliance options, consider who cooks, how many people live in your home, are you an entertainer, do you bake, what kind of foods do you cook? Answering these questions will provide a clear vision of what your kitchenscape should look like in accordance to your usage and available space or storage. 

Now that we know a bit more about the benefits of appliance packages, let’s dive into a few of our favorites. 

KitchenAid Appliance Package 

KitchenAid is a leading appliance brand that offers a gauntlet of energy-efficient, high-quality kitchen appliances. Beyond the stand mixer and other small appliance staples, KitchenAid is known for innovative appliances to help you reach your culinary goals. It’s a dependable, quality brand that offers affordable products in every appliance avenue. This appliance package from KitchenAid includes a French door refrigerator, freestanding electric range, built-in dishwasher and over-the-range microwave.

The stainless-steel fridge comes with the PrintShield finish to avoid smudges and fingerprints, and an in-door ice system for clean and refreshing ice at the touch of a button. The electric convection range features the EasyConvect Conversion System, five cooking elements, and a storage drawer for all your cookware. 

If you need additional rack space to wash all your dishes, the FreeFlex third rack dishwasher includes the largest third rack available, along with a Fan-Enabled ProDry System to fully dry all your dishes the first time. And if you need a reliable microwave to warm leftovers and your favorite frozen foods, this 1000-watt microwave comes with sensor functions and a stoppable turntable to make sure there are no cold spots in the middle. 

Whirlpool Appliance Package 

Whirlpool has a well-earned reputation for creating practical, durable kitchen appliances while routinely applying the latest technological advances. The best-rated appliance packages are made to keep your day moving, equipped with a side-by-side refrigerator, freestanding electric range, built-in dishwasher, and over-the-range microwave. The Whirlpool four-piece appliance package offers exactly that. 

The fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel refrigerator features a deli drawer to keep all your meat, cheese, and other deli goods perfectly chilled. The Exterior Ice and Water Dispenser with EveryDrop Water Filtration ensure crisp and refreshing ice and water for all your favorite beverages. The electric range makes your job easier with Frozen Bake Technology and Adjustable Self-Cleaning Technology. That means no more waiting for the appliance to get warm and no more scrubbing stuck-on messes. 

Dishes are a breeze with Sensor Cycle, 1-Hour Wash cycle, Sani Rinse option, and a soil sensor, and the over-the-range microwave makes reheating and cooking as seamless as can be with Electronic Touch Controls, Microwave Presets for snacks and sides, Adjustable Cooktop Lighting, and Additional 30-Seconds Option when your food needs just a touch more warmth. 

GE Appliance Package 

GE is another respected brand that offers top-rated kitchen appliance packages that elevate your kitchen with a clean design and a wide selection of premium finishes. If you want a professional brand with a line of products known to be stylistically and timelessly crafted, then go with GE. This four-piece kitchen package from GE comes in an all-slate finish and provides a side-by-side refrigerator, freestanding electric range, built-in dishwasher, and over-the-range sensor microwave oven. 

The refrigerator comes with glass freezer shelves, Adjustable Clear Look door bins, Fresh Food multi-level drawers, Showcase LED lighting, and adjustable slide-out shelves. This means you’ll have plenty of room to store all your food and easily access everything you need for mealtime. The range comes with five warming zones for additional cooking, fast preheat, steam clean option, and hidden bake oven interior. 

And when dinner is wrapped and you’re ready to tackle the pile of dishes in the sink, the built-in dishwasher features Dry Boost, Bottle Jets cleaning, Steam + Sani setting, 1-Hour Wash, and adjustable full-extension smooth-glide upper rack. Those hard-to-reach bottles and greasy baking trays are no match for the high-intensity and thorough cleaning power of GE.

And when you’re too exhausted to cook or you’re in the mood for an old-school TV dinner, the sensor microwave oven includes a Two-Speed, 300-CFM Venting System, Recessed Turntable with On/Off option, and additional 30-seconds button. 

Kitchen appliance packages can be a great choice in terms of cost, quality, and style. Buying several items at once saves you money, your appliances will match each other, and the savings involved allows you to opt for better products. Next time you’re planning to purchase new items for your kitchen, it is certainly worth checking out some appliance packages.

If you have any questions, give us a call or visit us at Spencer’s to explore our entire collection of kitchen accessories and appliance packages.