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7 Popular Washer and Dryer Features to Check Out

by Pam Silvia

Laundry day is usually straightforward. You put your clothes in the washer, set the load size, water temperature, and cycle duration, and after the machine stops, you throw your damp garments in the dryer for a few minutes. (Granted, sometimes, between load transfers, you might have to drizzle in some fabric softener.)

But what if we told you there are washer and dryer features that will not only make this routine even simpler but that will have you feeling like you’re in the lap of luxury? Streamlined chores and softer clothes both equal a comfier you.

At Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we think you deserve to be pampered, which is why we’re giving you the lowdown on the 7 most popular washer and dryer features industry experts have been raving about—check them out!

1. Washer: Sanitize Cycle

Put down the bleach. Thanks to a longer specialized cycle that uses an elevated water temperature of at least 120 degrees—and in some cases, steam and oxygenated additives—a sanitize-cycle washing machine disinfects clothing, towels, and home furnishings. Most importantly, this washer feature eradicates germs, reducing the chances of contracting infection or sickness.

The GE 4.8 Cu. Ft. White Smart Front Load Washer (GFW650SSNWW) takes things a step further. In addition to using PowerSteam technology that deeply penetrates into fabric fibers to loosen stains and deliver enhanced cleaning performance, this appliance reduces allergens in your clothing with an extra rinse cycle and an even higher water temperature of 131 degrees to eliminate dust mites.

2. Washer: Automatic Load Balancing

Whether you’re competing with its volume to speak over the phone or trying to watch TV at a reasonable decibel, a noisy washing machine can really disrupt your flow. By virtue of its tub design, an automatic load-balancing washer prevents wet clothes from accumulating on one side of the bin during the spin cycle so that your entire laundry room doesn’t shake.

Many load-balancing models offer similarly accommodating features such as alternate spin cycles with various speed combinations and more options for heavy, medium, light, and extra-light soil levels.

3. Washer: Sensor Wash

If you think about it, there’s a lot of guesswork when it comes to laundry day. Should you wash your knit blankets with cold water or warm water? Does all your bedding count as a large load or extra-large load? How much detergent should you pour in for a medium load? A laundry appliance with automatic, sensor-enabled settings is the answer to all these questions.

With washing machine sensors that automatically set the right water level, amounts of detergent and fabric softener, and temperature for every load, you can continue multitasking while feeling assured that the integrity of your family’s clothing is in good hands.

Your saving grace in the laundry room, the Electrolux Laundry 4.3 Cu Ft. Titanium Front Load Washer (EFLS527UTT) features the industry’s first Adaptive Dispenser that accepts detergent pods in addition to the tried-and-true liquid version. Say goodbye to detergent residue on your clothes!

4. Dryer: Automatic Tumble

Life stops for nobody—not even for your dryer full of crisp linens or nice dress shirts. Along the same lines of eliminating guesswork, an automatic tumble dryer has sensors that measure the amount of moisture in the clothes, switching itself off once it detects your clothes are dry.

Not only will this potentially reduce energy bill expenses by preventing appliance overuse, but it will also save you the hassle of checking in on your clothes constantly and keep you from wearing damp clothes that smell like mildew. Needless to say, we feel warmly about automatic tumble dryers.

5. Dryer: Interior Light

Chances are, your sock drawer has a handful of strays laying about. In a perfect world, no such thing would exist. That’s where an interior drum light comes in handy.

Samsung’s 7.5 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel Front Load Gas Dryer (DVG50R8500V) has a drying option wherein you can turn on a drum light so that you can monitor your tumbling laundry and collect every article of clothing when your busy life has you washing clothes at night. Hey—sometimes, the kiddos remind you of school spirit days at the last second.

6. Dryer: Steam Cycle

Don’t you hate when you open your dryer to find wrinkly linens and rumpled-up dress shirts? We know waiting around for the end of your dryer cycle is not realistic, which is why we can’t recommend a steam cycle dryer enough.

With many modern dryers offering steam-sanitizing technology, ironing is virtually a thing of the past, as this option works to reduce wrinkles and odors. If that’s not enough, several models pair this technology with a setting that periodically tumbles your laundry to keep clothes wrinkle-free.

7. Laundry Pair: Smart Features

Loads of laundry means loads of waiting around, whether you’re waiting for the rinse cycle so that you can pour in fabric softener or checking in on your washer so that you can transfer your wet clothing to the dryer. The truth is, you don’t have to loiter around the laundry room anymore. Perhaps the epitome of convenience, smart laundry appliances have really elevated the game when it comes to keeping a streamlined home, thanks to mobile-app connectivity.

Imagine being able to remotely monitor your smart washer on your smartphone from your kitchen so that you don’t have to break away from dinner prep. Or setting, starting, and pausing the dry cycle when you’re running late from an errand. Well, if you invest in a smart laundry pair, this daydream becomes a reality.

Let Spencer’s TV & Appliance move the laundry room of your dreams into your home. With our generous selection of washers, dryers, and laundry accessories, we are bound to have something for every home. Call our friendly staff of experts, and visit any of our store locations today!