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Top 5 Best Freezers Every Buyer Should Consider

by Olly Mason

Harsh summers call for extra freezer storage to keep drinks, frozen treats, and more on hand ready to help beat the heat. But unlike the freezer on your refrigerator, full-size freezers come with their own list of considerations. So, if you’re looking for a few good reasons why an extra freezer is a good addition to your home, this list of our favorite standalone freezers just might seal the deal.

Best Upright Freezer: Frigidaire® 13.0 Cu. Ft. White Upright Freezer

Full shot inside view of Frigidaire FFFU13F2VW upright freezer

Pictured: Frigidaire® 13.0 Cu. Ft. White Upright Freezer (FFFU13F2VW)

Recommended for: Shoppers searching for a supplemental, space-saving freezer.

The winning feature of this recommended freezer is its vertical design, which uses a small footprint, meaning this Frigidaire freezer is especially space-friendly. This freezer’s upright position also allows the door to be utilized for extra space with five in-door storage bins. On top of optimized storage, its vertical layout is easier for organizing foods, which helps prevent items from getting squashed or lost.

Superior Food Protection

Smart design meets intelligent food preservation with this pick’s advanced freezer features, including Frigidaire’s exclusive EvenTemp Cooling System that uses sensors to adjust cool airflow evenly throughout the cavern. A Door Ajar alarm also helps alert users when valuable cold air is escaping, while the airtight door seal keeps foods frozen up to two days in the event of a power outage.   

Best Chest Freezer: Frigidaire® 8.7 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

Frigidaire FFFC09M1RW chest freezer against tiled wall

Pictured: Frigidaire® 8.7 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFFC09M1RW)

Recommended for: Shoppers who prefer an ample freezer storage option.

With wide access to the interior, this best chest freezer from Frigidaire makes preserving bulky items easy. Unlike an upright freezer, the deep freezer chamber uses no shelves, meaning users can organize how they please.

That’s particularly great for stocking large frozen items like:

  • Turkeys/whole poultry
  • Pizza boxes
  • Large bags of ice
  • Family-size meat packages

The Store-More™ removable basket provides a useful place to store smaller items, such as frozen peas or microwavable dinners, so they never get buried. Additionally, external temperature controls help to keep cold air locked in, contributing to the 22 percent energy savings this standalone freezer provides versus previous Frigidaire freezer models.

Best Budget Freezer: Frigidaire® 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

Frigidaire FFCS0722AW chest freezer against a white background

Pictured: Frigidaire® 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFCS0722AW)

Recommended for: Shoppers looking for extra freezer storage on a dime.

With seven cubic feet of freezer storage, this best budget chest freezer is comparable in size to our overall favorite chest freezer, making it an affordable yet practical option. Best of all, shoppers with a limited budgets won’t have to worry about compromise, since this best-value freezer comes with nearly the same features as our top chest freezer pick, including:

  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Power-on light indicator
  • Handy storage basket.  

Best Freezer Splurge: Frigidaire® 24.8 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

Wide shot of Frigidaire FFFC25M4TW full size chest freezer

Pictured: Frigidaire® 24.8 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFFC25M4TW)

Recommended for: Shoppers with larger budgets and bigger homes looking for the most additional freezer storage.

When it comes to food storage, more is always better, which is why we invite you to splurge on this large-capacity Frigidaire chest freezer. Shoppers impressed with our favorite chest freezer choice will enjoy how this deep freezer provides almost three times the food storage inside nearly 25 cubic feet of space. While this large-capacity Frigidaire chest freezer requires a considerable amount of space, for shoppers with the room, it’s a fantastic frozen storage option.

On top of its ample size, the following features make this standalone freezer extra-special:

  • SpaceWise® baskets with adjustable size and smooth sliding action across the freezer
  • Optional casters for easy maneuverability
  • Adjustable temperature control conveniently located on the exterior
  • Built-in lock with pop-out key
  • Smart Power-on light indicator

Best Compact Freezer: Frigidaire® 5.0 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

Front view of Frigidaire FFCS0522AW compact chest freezer

Pictured: Frigidaire® 5.0 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFCS0522AW)

Recommended for: Shoppers looking for a deep freezer to fit their small space.

Upgrade from the mini freezer to this best compact chest freezer that’s ideal for buyers who want extra freezer storage but are limited on floorspace. Generally, experts recommend 1.5 cubic feet of freezer space per member of a household, so, while this space-saving deep freezer clocks in at a modest 5 cubic feet, it’s also enough to comfortably accommodate three people. Best of all, shoppers can expect the usual Frigidaire freezer features, including energy-efficient external temperature controls and a removable storage basket for easy stocking and organization.

Best Freezer for the Garage: Frigidaire® 14.8 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

Front view of Frigidaire FFFC15M4TW chest freezer with caster wheels

Pictured: Frigidaire® 14.8 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFFC15M4TW)

Recommended for: Shoppers looking to install an affordable freezer in a garage.

While our favorite premium freezer is full of incentives any shopper would enjoy, its size may be a consideration for some buyers. On the other hand, this mid-size Frigidaire freezer comes with the same lineup of features, including caster wheels, a lock with pop-out key, and SpaceWise® freezer baskets, making it a smart alternative.

Additionally, this freezer’s adjustable temperature settings help protect food from extreme conditions (such as a garage during hot Arizona summers), all while keeping costs relatively low at around $36 a year.

Upright Freezer vs. Chest Freezer

In terms of extra long-term food storage, both chest freezers and upright freezers are great additions in a kitchen, garage, or even media room. So, which is best for you and your home? Consider the following pros and cons.

Upright Freezer Chest Freezer
✓ Better organization 

✓ Many use an auto-defrost system 

✓ Better access to items

✓ Smaller footprint
✓ More storage possibilities
✓ Generally cheaper to run

✓ More energy-efficient 

✓ Typically more affordable

✓ Preserve foods better during outages
✗Harder to fit bulky items

✗Typically cost more 

✗Not as energy-efficient
✗Fewer large-capacity options 

✗Auto-defrost can be noisy
✗Most use manual defrosting and draining

✗Freezer door require overhead clearance

✗Use a larger footprint 

✗Requires bending to use 

✗Harder to clean

FAQ: Freezers

Before purchasing a new freezer, consider the following questions.

Which freezers last longer?

Both upright freezers and chest freezers come with a considerable lifespan, although chest freezers typically last between 15 to 20 years, while upright freezers last around 10 to 15 years.

Which freezes better: an upright freezer or chest freezer?

While performance will depend on the brand and model, how well each type of freezer retains cold air will make a difference. Since chest freezers open upward, gravity naturally pushes down and keeps the door shut when closed. On the other hand, upright freezers open out and are susceptible to air leakage from faulty gaskets. For this reason, many experts recommend a chest freezer in areas with frequent power outages, since they can keep foods frozen days after electricity has been cut off.

What is auto-defrost vs. manual defrost?

All freezers require maintenance from time to time, and that includes de-icing. Chest freezers require manual defrosting, which users will have to turn the freezer off, wait for the ice to melt, and then drain away the water. However, upright freezers with an auto-defrost setting (often called self-defrosting freezers) use coils to automatically rid ice buildup.

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