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Buying Guide: Beautyrest Mattress Review

by Olly Mason

Bedtime has gone from simply the last part of the day to the most important part of our lives, now understood to be an essential factor for restoring vigor and health. Since day one, the industry leaders at Beautyrest have been determined that every one of its users feels the benefits of a truly good night’s sleep with innovative sleep features. In this Beautyrest mattress review, we’ll go over those outstanding qualities and why every mattress shopper should consider Beautyrest.

Man rests on top of a Beautyrest mattress with legs out of bedding

Start with Beautyrest Mattress Types

Shoppers who choose Beautyrest from Spencer’s TV & Appliance are able to explore mattresses from three distinct lines: The Silver collection, the Black collection, and the Hybrid collection. Here’s what to expect from each.

Beautyrest Silver Mattress Line

For an affordable mattress that feels like quality, start with the Beautyrest Silver line. Also known as the BRC900 line, these mid-level mattresses all feature the 900 Series pocketed coils at the base with DualCool technology built into the surface and layers of select foams to properly contour the body.

Bedroom staged with a Beautyrest silver mattress

Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress Line

When it comes to hybrid mattresses, Beautyrest offers two distinct lines: the BRX1000 series and the upgraded BRX3000 series. At the base of both lines is the exclusive 1000 Series Pocketed Coil system that provides enhanced support.

Shoppers can choose from Beautyrest BRX1000 series Hybrid mattresses with a cool-to-touch surface and a variety of cool gel foam options, or upgrade to a Beautyrest BRX3000-IM Hybrid mattress. With the upgrade, buyers will get the standard 1000 Series innerspring system, plus advanced cooling materials and superior back support.

Graphic cutout showing innersprings and foam inside Beautyrest hybrid mattresses

Beautyrest Black Mattress Line

One of the common sleep concerns for many sleepers is controlling excessive heat while sleeping. That’s why Beautyrest Black mattresses — the brand’s premier mattress lineup — are all made with temperature-regulating technology to help create ideal sleep conditions.

Standard Beautyrest Black mattresses come with exclusive BlackICE cooling technology, while shoppers can find even more features with the Cooling Upgrade including carbon-infused memory foam and cooling gel.

Romantic style bedroom staged with a Beautyrest black mattress

Did you know? Since its debut in 2006, the Beautyrest Black mattress series has now become the “#1 luxury innerspring line in the industry,” and sleepers can also expect the same level of indulgent comfort with the sister line, Beautyrest Black Hybrid.

Standout Beautyrest Black Mattress Features

For decades, Beautyrest has continuously reimagined the limits of sleep wellness with exclusive mattress features that help users Be More Awake®. Take a look at how the following thoughtfully designed mattress features found across the Beautyrest lines can help to solve common sleep problems.

  • BlackICE 4.0 with heat-dissipating silver and SilkAIR fiber materials helps draw heat away from the body
  • T3 Pocketed Coil Technology provides support to keep users from sinking into the mattress, along with added durability and reduced motion transfer
  • BeautyEdge reinforces the border of the mattress for edge-to-edge support of the body
  • RightTemp Memory Foam that uses carbon fibers woven into the foam for sleep that’s 20 percent cooler than the Original Beautyrest Black mattress
  • InfiniCool Plus that provides a cool-to-touch surface throughout the night (BRX3000-IM mattresses feature InfiniCool Max)
  • BackCare 3X with 2,000 microcoils supplies even more support for the back and lumbar
  • Dynamic Response Memory Foam that responds to pressures zones, such as joints and muscles, helping to reduce tossing and turning during the night
  • DualCool Technology uses fibers woven with silver to pull heat away from the body, as well as naturally prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew growth

Shop by Sleep Position

Sleep — it’s personal! As we mentioned in our mattress buying blog, every person sleeps differently, which is why it’s important to get rest on a mattress that supports a particular sleep position. Fortunately, Beautyrest mattresses come in a range of comfort levels from ultra-plush to firm, so whether you enjoy sprawling or spooning, there’s a choice for you.

Graphic of couples sleeping in various sleep positions

For Side Sleepers

When it comes to support, side sleepers typically respond best to the plush contouring of memory foam, which gently cradles the hips, spine, shoulders, and neck in a parallel position. Some side sleepers may prefer a medium-firm mattress, but sleep experts recommend avoiding a firm mattress if you sleep on your side. That’s because firm mattresses resist sinking — unlike memory foam, which conforms to a user’s frame — and instead push back on the body, causing misalignment when sleeping on the side.

With adaptive CountourFit™ technology that responds to every sleep position, Beautyrest Hybrid Plush mattresses are capable of supporting sleepers whether they rest on their side all through the night, or constantly switch sleep positions.

The secret is an advanced memory foam infused with AirCool® gel for luxurious support on top, plus a system of 1000 Series Pocketed Coil® technology at the base that provides a sturdy foundation.

For Back Pain Sufferers 

Memory foam can be a relief for aching joints, but for those who sleep on their backs, the plush comfort can lead to over-flexion in the lumbar and back. That’s why back-sleepers benefit best from more robust options, like Beautyrest Hybrid Firm mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses from Beautyrest also feature exclusive ContourFit and PocketedCoil technology, plus reinforced support from the following features:

  • Dynamic Response memory foam that provides pressure relief where the body needs it most
  • BackCare 3X technology with 2,000 additional microcoils for triple the body support

Altogether, back sleepers will still enjoy the plush touch of memory foam on the surface, but with added strength at the base to keep the body from sinking or flexing in unhealthy positions.

For Stomach Sleepers

Did you know sleeping on your stomach may help sleep symptoms such as apnea or snoring? At the same time, stomach snoozing on the wrong mattress can also lead to increased straining in the neck and back.

In fact, perhaps out of all the sleep types, “tummy sleepers” require the most attention because they need enough support to keep their spines properly aligned, but plush comfort for the chest, stomach, and joints.

When it comes to Beautyrest mattresses, stomach sleepers can find that balance on anything from a firm mattress to a medium-firm hybrid mattress.

man and woman with coffee lounge on a Beautyrest mattress

Beautyrest FAQs

The manufacturers at Beautyrest are constantly improving their mattresses to get users to Be More Awake® after a good night’s rest. While change is exciting, it can also lead to a lot of questions. Here a few answers to some of frequently asked questions about Beautyrest mattresses.

Which Simmons Beautyrest mattress is the best?

As mentioned, good sleep depends on what each individual is looking for. Exploring comfort levels, mattress sizes, and even comparing different mattress materials can help to determine which mattress suits each sleep need.

Another way to decide which Beautyrest mattress is best is with verified customer reviews. In fact, all the Beautyrest mattress reviews from our catalog are 4 stars and above, meaning those who have experienced a Simmons Beautyrest mattress have generally enjoyed it.

For instance, the Beautyrest® Black® C-Class™ Medium Hybrid Queen Mattress (700810016-1050) has one of our top-rated Beautyrest hybrid mattress reviews — an impressive 4.3 stars from 163 buyers.

In terms of Beautyrest Silver mattress reviews, the Beautyrest® Harmony Lux™ Carbon Series Extra Firm Queen Mattress (700810905-1050) is nearly perfect, with 4.9 stars from 133 reviews, and is a fraction of the cost of its Black series counterpart.

Beautyrest vs. Serta: Which is better?

With a variety of mattress options ranging from ultra-plush to firm, and innerspring to hybrid, Beautyrest is a reliable mattress brand with a selection for every type of sleeper. We proudly carry Beautyrest mattresses due to their legacy of industry-leading sleep technology that goes as far back as 1925 (versus 1931 from Serta). While Serta is a competitive mattress brand, we continue to carry Beautyrest because of its progress that improves sleep quality on a range of mattresses made to satisfy buyers from every budget and lifestyle.

Where are Simmons Beautyrest mattresses sold?

To find a Beautyrest mattresses in the Phoenix area, shop Spencer’s TV & Appliance! Explore and buy in-stock Beautyrest mattresses online, by phone, or from 10 store locations with the help of an experience mattress expert. Shop today to experience the Beautyrest difference!