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Pros and Cons of Panel Ready Refrigerators

by Ann Louisa


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Pros of Panel-Ready Refrigerators

Cons of Panel-Ready Refrigerators

Top Panel-Ready Refrigerators for Your Home


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Our team at Spencer’s TV & Appliance might be a little biased, but we think the residents of Phoenix have some of the best kitchen designs in the country. Our customers frequently arrive looking for specific appliance styles to turn their kitchen remodel visions into realities. Some people want slick stainless steel appliances while others plan to match their refrigerators with their cabinets.

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Over the years, demand for panel-ready refrigerators has continued to grow. It is a top design trend for 2023 regardless of your kitchen aesthetic. However, not all panel-ready models are created equal. Get to know the pros and cons of this option and check out some of the top-rated refrigerators on the market. 

Pros of Panel-Ready Refrigerators

Panel-ready appliances can hold a cabinet face instead of standing apart from the rest of your kitchen design. There are many benefits of opting for a panel-ready refrigerator, especially if you have a certain aesthetic you want to match in your home. A few pros of panel-ready refrigerators include:

  • Your refrigerator doesn’t stick out. Your guests might not know where this appliance is because it blends so seamlessly in your kitchen.
  • You can choose any color or style for your refrigerator, whether you want a futuristic, space-age look or a country farmhouse design.
  • Custom cabinetry can increase your home’s resale value. Potential buyers might consider the home to be move-in ready and worth your asking price.
  • You can focus on refrigerator features, not style. Make sure you find a high-performing appliance regardless of what it looks like.

You can easily find a wide selection of panel-ready counter-depth refrigerators at your local appliance store. Spencer’s always carries several on-hand to help customers in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Cons of Panel-Ready Refrigerators

While you might be impressed with the panel-ready style, there are some drawbacks to this selection. Here are a few reasons why you might not want a panel-ready appliance in your kitchen:

  • They are more expensive than traditional options, which means you will need to adjust your kitchen remodel budget.
  • You will have to pay more for cabinetry in order to fit your refrigerator with a custom panel.
  • You will also have to pay for installation and assembly, as panel-ready appliances aren’t always easy to set up.
  • Remodeling your kitchen in the future can be harder if you don’t like the refrigerator colors underneath the panel or don’t want to keep the panel look.

Most of the drawbacks related to panel-ready models cover their costs. If you are okay with the price tag, this design style could be perfect for your kitchen.

Top Panel-Ready Refrigerators for Your Home

Once you decide that a panel-ready fridge is ideal for your kitchen, you can search for the right brands and models that meet your needs. Learn more about the top features provided by a few brands and their prices so you can find a fridge that serves your family.

Bosch 800 Series 8.3 Cu. Ft. Custom Panel Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

bosch 800 series

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This column refrigerator is a great place to start when getting to know your panel-ready options. The model by Bosch comes with a 5.9 cubic foot refrigerator and a 2.4 cubic foot freezer. This model seems smaller, but you might be surprised by how much it can hold. You can buy this refrigerator to install in a guest house, den area, or other room where you don’t need a large-scale fridge.

This panel-ready refrigerator hooks up to the Home Connect App for easy management and is ENERGY STAR qualified. If you want to annually adjust your settings, the control panel is easy to access at the top of the refrigerator. You can also adjust the shelves based on your needs, whether you need to store a snack platter for guests or chill a few bottles of champagne ahead of a big announcement. 

Samsung 22.8 Cu. Ft. White Glass Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

samsung 22.8

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Of all the family-sized panel-ready refrigerators on the market, this model by Samsung is one of the best. It holds almost 23 cubic feet of space and comes with two sets of French doors (one set for the refrigerator and one set for the freezer). This allows you to keep the cold air inside your appliances whenever you reach for a bottle of water or a carton of ice cream. The French doors also help with organization because you can find what you need faster.

This is a smart refrigerator that hooks up to your Family Hub app by Samsung. Not only can you control your refrigerator settings, but you can also change your ice and water settings. Choose from cubed ice or Ice Bites that chill your drink faster. You can also decide whether you want perfectly chilled filtered water or water that is infused with a flavor of your choice.

Customer reviews highlight how useful the FlexZone drawers are and how convenient two sets of French doors can be. 

Bosch Benchmark® Series 16.8 Cu. Ft. Custom Panel Built-in Column Refrigerator

bosch benchmark

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Bosch offers several refrigerator sizes to match your panel-ready needs. If you want a larger appliance for your kitchen, consider this single-door option that provides refrigeration and the option to add a matching freezer.

Bosch is a favorite brand for homeowners because of its advanced refrigeration technology. The MultiAirFlow™ system circulates air and maintains an even temperature within the space. This prevents bacteria from resting on your food (like produce or dairy items) causing it to spoil. You may find that your food lasts longer with this refrigerator.

Not only can this refrigerator handle any panels you want to place on it, but it is actively built to protect your cabinets. The Optiflex® hinge creates a flush-mounted door. It’s almost impossible to damage your cabinets when you open it. Real customers love the layout of the refrigerator and are surprised by how much it can hold.

Miele MasterCool™ 16.0 Cu. Ft. Integrated Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Miele mastercool

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If you want to buy from a luxury brand as you explore different panel-ready refrigerators, consider this model by Miele. This is a refrigerator-freezer combination, with the freezer section built into the lower half. Both parts of the appliance come with Miele MasterCool technology, which provides an ideal climate for the storage of your food. Miele focuses on both the temperature and the humidity of the refrigerator, creating an ideal balance for the preservation of food.

A Miele refrigerator is ideal if you love hosting guests and enjoy having large parties in your home the automatic ice maker can produce 150 ice cubes per day, keeping everyone’s drinks cool. Another popular feature is the Push2Open door. Instead of yanking on a handle, you can lightly push against the surface of the door. The pressure opens the door for easy access.

Panel-ready refrigerators are the premier choice for creating a luxury kitchen. You’re in full control of how one of these appliances looks in your kitchen, meaning you can fully create a custom cooking setting where appliances work with the design instead of against it. There are a lot of options to explore, so if you want to see a few models in action, make sure to visit Spencer’s TV & Appliance near you today!


Here are few last-minute considerations to keep in mind while you shop for a panel-ready refrigerator.

What is a panel-ready refrigerator?

A panel-ready refrigerator is built with extra hooks to hold a cabinet face. Instead of buying a refrigerator that matches your design style, you can simply cover your appliance with existing panels. These refrigerators make it easy to change your kitchen design style because you swap one panel with another.

Is any refrigerator a panel-ready refrigerator?

No. If you intend to install cabinet panels on your refrigerator, you need specifically get a panel-ready model. You can either filter to see panel-ready options on the websites you browse or ask a sales specialist to see panel-ready refrigerators in the stores you visit. Ask the sales associate to show you where the panels attach to the appliance.

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