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Outdoor Refrigerator Product Guide

by Ann Louisa

Outdoor refrigerators are essential for entertaining. The warm Phoenix days and cool nights make this area perfect for an outdoor kitchen. Many Arizona residents spend a large part of their days outside throughout the year (except during the peak summer months).

An outdoor refrigerator allows you to prepare and store food for easy access when guests arrive. If you are having a few friends over, keep a completed charcuterie board and some chilled wine ready. If you are having a larger party, you can fill the refrigerator with drinks and mixers. Don’t make your guests walk all the way back inside when they can access items in your outdoor kitchen.

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If you are looking at outdoor kitchen ideas for your home, make sure you plan to add an outdoor refrigerator. Learn some of the best options for your patio remodel so you will find the space and style that meets your needs.

How are outdoor refrigerators different from indoor refrigerators?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as you explore backyard outdoor kitchen ideas is to think you can place a standard refrigerator outside. Most refrigerators are made for indoor kitchens. They expect minor temperature fluctuations (most homes are 60 to 80 degrees inside) and protection from the elements. An outdoor refrigerator needs extra features to protect your food effectively and last.

Here is how an outdoor refrigerator is different from an indoor one:

  • Outdoor refrigerators can tolerate a higher ambient range. They can maintain the same temperature in the cool winter nights of Phoenix and the blazing summer days.
  • These refrigerators have better insulation. The only time your food will interact with hot temperatures will be when you open the refrigerator door.
  • Outdoor refrigerators are built for the elements. They might not be completely weather-proof, but they are made to handle heat, humidity, and water better than indoor models.

An effective refrigerator will store your food below 40°F. If your temperatures are any higher, mold can grow, and your food will rot quicker and become unsafe to eat. Many outdoor mini-fridges are actually beverage coolers because they can’t maintain temperatures below 40°.

What can you use outdoor refrigerators for?

Once you know the differences between an outdoor refrigerator and an indoor one, you can start to plan how you will use your new appliance. Your refrigerator usage will affect the size, price, and model you choose for your backyard. If you have a full outdoor kitchen with prep stations, a grill, and even a stovetop range, then you will want a full-size refrigerator. However, if you simply want to store drinks and bar snacks, you can opt for a smaller model.

Evaluate the size of your space to see what you can handle. Don’t be put off if you don’t have a large patio. Many small outdoor kitchen ideas feature hidden appliances or sleek refrigerators that don’t take up too much space.

Additionally, determine whether you are adding a freestanding refrigerator to your home or creating a built-in look. Built-in refrigerators are tucked between cabinets and are part of a bigger kitchen design. You will need to pick out your refrigerator before you design your cabinets or make sure your new fridge fits if you already have existing infrastructure.

Top Outdoor Refrigerators for Your Home

There are multiple refrigerators to choose from as you design your backyard space. You can find a small outdoor fridge that tucks into cabinetry or choose a larger appliance if you have the space. You can also find specialized wine chillers if you don’t need a full refrigerator but want someplace to store your drinks.

coyote outdoor

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This is an outdoor small refrigerator for homeowners with limited patio space or who don’t need a large appliance to store their refreshments. This model is specifically outdoor rated and can handle the hot Arizona summers while keeping your drinks cool. It has a stainless steel exterior and three shelf racks inside. There is space for condiments in the drawer.

This refrigerator is 20.5 inches wide and 33.5 inches high. It can fit underneath existing cabinetry or stand on its own in a patio space. Its total capacity is 4.1 cubic feet. There is an interior light and adjustable thermostat so you can set the temperature to your ideal level.

This is a popular option for entertaining. You can prepare items or chill drinks before people come over and easily access your snacks from your outside patio. The price for this model starts at around $1,400, with delivery and pickup options available.

coyote outdoor

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Another outdoor refrigerator option for your home is the 24-inch model by Coyote. This refrigerator is slightly wider but maintains its 33-inch height. A few extra inches can have a big impact. You can easily store larger plates and party trays in this refrigerator than if you used a standard outdoor mini-fridge. 

This refrigerator is also outdoor-rated and built for patio usage. It will last you for several years and can overcome the Arizona climate. The stainless steel materials will stand the test of time, while LED lights help you find your items when you open the door. The fashionable graphite interior also works to keep your food items cool.

This model has a capacity of 5.5 cubic feet and is a freestanding refrigerator. It will look good no matter whether you place it in your backyard but comes with hidden, articulating hinges for flush installation if you need a built-in refrigerator. This coyote outdoor refrigerator starts at $1,700, with delivery and pickup options available.

Plan for Your Outdoor Refrigerator Installation  

Whatever outdoor kitchen appliance you choose for your home, take steps to prepare for its arrival. Refrigerator installation can be quick and straightforward if you know exactly where the appliance will go. A few tips to speed up installation include:

  • Select exactly where you want your outdoor refrigerator to go and make sure there is a plug nearby to provide power.
  • Clear the area around the refrigerator unless you are placing the fridge in between existing cabinets.
  • Clean the space. Very few people can easily access the areas underneath and behind their refrigerators. Sweep and mop while you can — or be prepared to complete this task quickly while the installers are removing your old appliance.
  • Create a pathway for the appliance. Move chairs and home accessories out of the way so installers can bring your refrigerator to the backyard. Show the installers this pathway before they start unloading your appliance.

Once your outdoor refrigerator is installed, the only thing left is to enjoy it. Start using it to store food and drinks, then invite a few friends over to relax in your backyard with easy access to refreshments. 

At Spencer’s TV and Appliance we strive to offer the best products for our customers. Take your patio up a notch with a reliable outdoor refrigerator that was developed to withstand the Arizona heat. 


Can you place an indoor refrigerator outside?

Indoor refrigerators are made for climate-controlled environments without any serious weather elements. The inside of your home only fluctuates a few degrees each day and stays around 70°F. Outdoor refrigerators are built to handle dramatic fluctuations and high temperatures. They have added insulation so less cold air escapes, keeping your electric bills low.

What refrigerators can you store outside?

If you are looking for an outdoor refrigerator, search for stainless steel options. These refrigerators are more weather-resistant and won’t fade or start to peel due to heat and humidity. Even if you invest in an outdoor refrigerator, place it out of the elements (like under a patio overhang). These appliances can handle a little water but aren’t made to withstand rain and snow. 

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