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What Makes a Maytag Fridge Perfect for Families on the Go

by May Fitzgerald

There’s nothing worse than fishing through a disorganized refrigerator when you’re in a hurry. It can be such a hassle trying to find what you’re looking for that sometimes it just seems easier to get fast food or a double espresso to hold you over ‘til your next meal.

If you keep finding yourself dropping major dollars and cents on drive through nibbles when you’re rushing to make it to work or soccer practice on time, why not make the investment in a fridge that actually fits all your daily needs?

Check out these reasons why a Maytag fridge fits perfectly into your on-the-go lifestyle, and gives you everything you need for snacking made simple.

Super Chill

Maytag’s PowerCold feature is a convenience like no other. Normally, adding items to the fridge fresh out of the oven makes the temperature of the whole fridge spike high above recommended levels. Not so with PowerCold.

This function helps keep the temperature of the whole fridge stable, no matter what you put in it, and even helps that fresh-baked food chill down faster. So next time you remember a little too late that you promised to bring the Jell-O to your kid’s class party (come on, it happens to the best of us), you might just pull it off with the help of your Maytag.

The Right Light

Maytag fridges also come with super bright, under-shelf LED lighting! No more squinting at the back of the fridge, wondering what on earth might be back there when all you want is to grab that string cheese and get out. Maytag’s BrightSeries lights are long lasting, so you don’t have to worry about them burning out on you, and they evenly light every corner of the fridge, making speedy snack-grabbing way easier.

Enjoy Every Drop

Never waste time waiting for a pitcher to filter your drinking water! Maytag’s built-in water dispensers come with Everydrop filters, eliminating the need for bulky pitchers and slow draining. You shouldn’t have to wait for fresh, delicious water in your own home – especially when you’re already running 15 minutes late for that track meet! Maytag’s in-door filters clear out contaminants in no time and make every drop that much more refreshing.

Snack Attack

Do you find yourself stuffing snacks in the fridge’s crisper drawers in a desperate attempt to keep them organized? Well, with a Maytag fridge, you don’t have to choose between fresh veggies and convenient cold cuts.

The temperature-controlled Wide-N-Fresh deli drawer lets you stash all your favorite meats, cheeses, schmears and spreads for easy snacking. It even fits wide dishes, like those cookies you just can’t wait to chow down on, or even – you guessed it – that Jell-O that should have been in the fridge an hour ago.

Storage Solutions

When you’re trying to cram shoes on a fussy toddler in the morning or wrestle with one last load of laundry before you head out the door, you might not have time to get everything together yourself. With Maytag’s adjustable door racks, you can make sure the kids’ favorite foods are well within their reach, so they can grab and go on their own. Or, you could even put your own guilty pleasures far out of their reach, for late night snacking. Whatever you need from your storage space, these shelves are made to fit your life.

Maytag is made for you, so don’t get a fridge that makes your life harder! With these handy features, you’ll be up and out the door with your food in no time. No more fast food for you! Unless you want fast food. We don’t judge, and your Maytag keeps those leftovers fresh too. Whatever you’re keeping in your Maytag fridge, we can help you pick out the perfect unit and make sure you get all the features you need for your life on the go. Stop by and see our selection today!