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5 Benefits of Cooking with an Induction Stove

by Olly Mason

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About Induction Cooking

5 Benefits of Cooking with an Induction Stove

3 Best Induction Stoves


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Are gas stoves on their way to becoming extinct? Hardly, but with induction ranges rapidly becoming the poster children for the kitchens of tomorrow, gas appliances are starting to feel the heat. While the best way to understand why induction cooking has become so popular is by cooking on an induction stove or cooktop, we can help draw it out for you. Here are five advantages of cooking on an induction stove, followed by three expert-reviewed induction ranges that showcase this new technology in all its glory.

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But First: What is Induction?

In a nutshell, induction cooking uses electromagnetic coils (that’s right, induction appliances are technically electric) to react with ferromagnetic cookware. The reaction between the magnets and the materials generates energy, which then turns into heat.

In order for induction to work, you need to use cookware that is compatible with magnets. Generally, this includes pots and pans made of cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel — although not all stainless steel cookware passes the test. Many manufacturers indicate which cookware you can use on induction. But if you’re upgrading your stove and are unsure your current pots and pans are induction-compatible, you can test them with a refrigerator magnet. If it sticks, it will work on an induction stove.

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5 Benefits of Cooking with an Induction Stove

Induction stoves and cooktops are game-changers that even have faithful gas cooks considering the swap. Still skeptical? Consider these five advantages of cooking with induction.

1. Induction Stoves Are Super Precise

A field of electromagnetic energy is created once an induction surface is activated, and that heat stays at the precise temperature of whichever setting a cooking surface is set to. On the other hand, gas stoves can blow out, flames can be unpredictable, and depending on the brand, not all gas-powered stove settings are the same. Since induction is powered by electricity — which is measured in watts — it offers a more consistent, precise user experience that many cooks now prefer over a live flame.

2. Inductions Stoves Deliver Responsive Heat Control

Preparing meals over a flame used to be the preferred method of cooking for professionals because cooks would be able to go from high-output settings to low simmers in an instant. Induction stoves match that precision by using an electromagnetic reaction that activates cookware on a molecular level. In fact, induction is more consistent when it comes to delivering heat output versus a flame since gas fluctuations, and flareups can lead to hot spots.

3. Induction Stoves Are Safer Than Gas & Electric Model


Electric stoves work by heating a surface, which transfers energy to a pot or pan. That leads to hot cooktops that remain hazardous even minutes after the power is turned off. Meanwhile, gas stoves are prone to leaks, and an open flame can catch kitchen towels, aprons, and clothing on fire if a cook isn’t careful.

Induction works differently, though. The electromagnetic coils beneath the surface react to metal in cookware, essentially turning a pot or pan into a heating element. That means only the cookware gets hot, and minimal heat transfers to the surface of the appliance. However, there are absolutely zero chances of gas leaks or fabrics catching on fire if they happen to fall on an induction heating element.

4. Induction Stoves Provide the Most Energy Efficiency

Induction cooking is efficient. Extremely efficient. As in, up to 85 percent of the energy created from induction is used directly for cooking. That’s far superior to gas, which is 40 percent efficient on average, and electric coil stoves, which come in second with about 74 percent energy efficiency.

When you purchase an induction electric stove, you double up on savings since these appliances also use an electric oven. Electric ovens consistently outperform gas ovens in even heating, energy efficiency, and better food results.

5. Induction Stove Top Cleanup is a Cinch


Smooth top electric stoves are beautiful, but boil-overs and splatters from meal prep can burn onto the heating elements. That leaves users in a predicament: If they wait, food sticks and are hard to remove later; but the hot surface prevents cooks from addressing messes as they happen.

Cleanup is a major reason many buyers are skeptical about induction stoves, but because induction surfaces hardly get hot, spills and messes can be wiped away on the spot.

3 Recommended Induction Stoves

You’ve read the benefits, now it’s time to see how leading appliance brands put this new technology to work. We’ve made this list accessible to virtually every kitchen by featuring 30” induction ranges, but other sizes are also available if you truly want to go all out with an induction range.

The following recommendations come from our friends at BrandSource. Availability of products is not guaranteed.

Best Induction Stove with Air Fry: Frigidaire Gallery® 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Induction Range with Air Fry

induction range

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Whether it’s sizzling up appetizers in the oven with the Air Fry mode or handling weeknight dinner on four induction burners, this Frigidaire induction range under $2,500 gets the job done — and fast. In just a minute and a half, the induction surface brings a pot of water to a boil, and with rapid response, you can lower it to a simmer in a near-instant. Innovative design continues with intelligent pan detection, sleek front controls for easy temperature management, and steam cleaning to make cleanup a breeze.

Best Induction Stove Features:

  • Air Fry mode
  • True Convection baking
  • AutoSizing pan detection
  • Self/Steam cleaning cycle

Best Slide-In Induction Stove: Samsung 30" Stainless Steel Slide-In Induction Range

induction range 2

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Induction heating elements shine when used on a slide-in range design like this one from Samsung. Cool, sleek, and sophisticated, this induction range is suited for modern palettes with glass oven controls and industrial-inspired knobs wrapped in a stainless-steel exterior. Users also appreciate the Virtual Flame feature, which gives a visual clue of how high an induction setting is, just like a real flame. Samsung appliance fans won’t be surprised to know this pick is also a smart induction stove, allowing users to program oven settings like dual convection from the convenience of a smart device.

Best Induction Stove Features:

  • Virtual Flame 
  • Dual convection 
  • Steam + Self clean
  • Wi-Fi compatible

Best Double Oven Induction Stove: Café™ 30" Stainless Steel Slide in Electric Range

induction range 3

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Hungry households call for a multitasking stove that can juggle entrées, sides, and dessert all at once. If you’re willing to splurge, this Café double oven induction range has the beauty and the brawn to turn your everyday mealtime routine into a gourmet experience recommended by 9/10 buyers. With the most oven space on our list at 6.7 cubic feet of capacity, plus powerful features like Air Fry and convection, achieving magazine-worthy meals is easier than ever. There’s also a five-burner induction cooktop with a bridging element and an 11” burner that boils water in 101 seconds, so whatever’s on the menu for tonight, you’ve got it under control.

Best Induction Stove Features:

  • No-preheat Air Fry mode
  • Chef Connect option 
  • Self-clean mode
  • Wi-Fi compatible 

While induction stoves are pricey (even more than some gas ranges), these appliances are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) recently revealed induction cooktops beat out electric coil cooktops to become the second most popular cooking surface style, just three percent behind gas. That’s good news for buyers, who can expect induction appliances to become more accessible to shoppers across different budgets.

For many households, that could be the solution to upgrading to a stove with better performance than electric heating elements without having to pay to install a gas line on top of an expensive gas range.

Induction Stove FAQs

With all new technology, users have questions. When it comes to induction stoves, we have the answers.

Are induction stoves dangerous?

While induction appliances emit non-ionizing radiation, there is no current proof that exposure is unhealthy.

What kind of cookware cannot be used on induction stoves?

Cookware made of aluminum, copper, glass, and stainless steel cookware that do not have an induction-compatible base cannot be used on an induction surface.

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