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How to Fix Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working

by Spencers TV & Appliance

Cup of Water Filled With Ice

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How to Troubleshoot Your Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working

Frigidaire Replacements When You Need to Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are multiple warning signs that you have a broken ice maker. In some cases, your ice will be too small or oddly shaped. Other times you might not have any ice at all. If just one part of the ice-making process is broken, it can limit how easily you can access freshly made cubes to chill your drinks. Fortunately, ice maker problems are fairly easy to troubleshoot, which means you can work to repair the issue without necessarily calling an experienced – and potentially expensive – handyman. Use this guide if you notice your Frigidaire ice maker not working.   

Frigidaire Refrigerators with Ice Makers

Explore our diverse range of Frigidaire refrigerators equipped with ice makers to discover the ideal match for your household.

Frigidaire Refrigerators

How to Troubleshoot Your Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working

If you discover your Frigidaire ice maker not working, take steps to check each aspect of the appliance to identify the problem. Keep in mind that even if you spot one issue, there could be a second problem that continues to block or break up your ice. Refrigerator repair can be frustrating because there are so many elements that work together to keep your food cool and your ice fresh.

Make Sure You Ice Maker is On

This might seem like an absurd step, but a large part of appliance repair is discovering little accidents that shut down the entire system. Look for a switch or button that controls your ice maker and make sure it is on. A family member could have accidentally bumped it when moving frozen food around, thus turning off the entire system.

Check the Water Filter

This is also one of the easiest things to check for when you notice your ice maker not working. Identify when you last replaced your filter and make sure it is installed and sealed correctly. If your filter is older than six months, it could slow down water and ice production.

Measure the Freezer Temperature

Your Frigidaire ice maker not working could be a warning sign that there is a bigger problem. If your freezer is not as cold as it should be, it cannot create ice. If you notice that your ice is melting when it comes through the maker, check your freezer. There might be a significant problem if your freezer is above 10°F.

Inspect the Water Line

Make sure there is a stream of water that is able to get to your freezer. There shouldn’t be any kinks or blockages that limit your water flow. After all, your refrigerator cannot make fresh ice unless it has a water connection.

Determine Whether the Issue is Ice Making or Dispensing

There are two types of problems related to your Frigidaire ice maker not working: the machine cannot produce ice cubes or the machine cannot deliver them to you. By checking the water line, filter, and freezer temperature, you confirm that your ice maker can create cubes. If you have an external water and ice dispenser this is important knowledge.

If your ice maker can create cubes but cannot send them to your glass through the designated shoot, then you have a delivery problem. There could be a clog in your icemaker or the dispenser could be blocked.

Defrost Your Ice Maker

How To Defrost A Freezer

One of the best ways to prevent buildup and blockages is to defrost your ice maker. Check to see if you have a forced defrost option that you can run. This will heat your freezer for around 30 minutes. You can also turn off or unplug your appliance for an hour or two – just make sure you have a cooler with ice on hand for delicate food items.

By defrosting your freezer, you can melt any ice that has built up in your dispenser. You can clean up this water and restart your ice maker to see if it works again.

Call a Professional

If you have attempted a DIY repair and still can’t figure out why your ice maker is broken, reach out to a service professional who can help. This isn’t usually considered an expensive repair. You should budget around $100 to $225 for someone to look at your ice maker and fix the issue. 

Frigidaire Replacements When You Need to Upgrade

While DIY appliance repair is possible when the main issue is your ice maker, it might be harder to fix other issues with your refrigerator. If your appliance is more than a decade old, consider replacing the unit instead. You can find a model that is more efficient or offers advanced features to meet your needs. Here are three Frigidaire refrigerators to consider.

Frigidaire® 30 in. 18.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

If you are looking for a base model refrigerator for an apartment or guest house, check out this option. It is a top-freezer model, which is one of the most energy-efficient refrigerator designs. The EvenTemp™ cooling system circulates the air to prevent warm spots in your refrigerator. The model also comes with a built-in ice maker that uses the latest production technology.

Many customers are happy with this choice of refrigerator in their homes. One person writes, “Many people don't have big families so having appliances that both look good and cater to smaller-sized families is great. Keeps food items cold, and produce fresher longer.”

Frigidaire® 22.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator

This model is a little bit larger and has an exterior water and ice dispenser. This design option is often preferred by homeowners because they can pour a cool drink without opening the refrigerator doors. This makes the external dispenser more energy-efficient and easier to use.

You can also enjoy the PurePour™ water filter that comes standard with Frigidaire products. It reduces up to 99% of contaminants from your water so it is healthier and safer to drink.

See what customers have to say about this appliance by reading online reviews. One person writes, “I'm enjoying my new Frigidaire refrigerator very much. The inside trays are clear which makes it seem very open and easy to maneuver inside. There is plenty of room for everything I need.”

Frigidaire® 32 in. 17.6 Cu. Ft. Brushed Steel Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire Brushed Steel French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire Brushed Steel French Door Refrigerator

You can still find smaller refrigerator options that incorporate modern designs. This French-door refrigerator is ideal for smaller spaces but can still make it seem like you have a luxury kitchen. The water dispenser is on the inside of the French doors while the ice dispenser is in the freezer section. The ice dispenser makes standard square cubes. There is also a door-ajar alarm in case you accidentally leave one of the doors open while preparing meals.

More than 93% of customers would recommend this appliance and you can see why in their online reviews. One person writes, “We looked for a fridge for our condo with limited space. There are many out there but this one fits perfectly. It may say 17.6 cubic ft. but it has more room than our other fridge that was 18.5 cubic ft.”


Why is my Frigidaire ice maker not working?

There are several causes of an ice maker not working. The problem could lie with your filter, water line, freezer temperature, or the ice dispenser itself. You can troubleshoot the problem on your own or call a professional to handle the repairs for you.

Why is there no water in my ice maker?

If you discover that your ice maker can’t produce fresh cubes, make sure it still has a connection to your water line. If the line is broken or there are kinks in the tubing, you might not be able to get water to your freezer, which means you can’t enjoy ice cubes.

How often should you defrost an ice maker?

Most experts recommend defrosting your freezer at least once a year. This can prevent ice buildup that can limit your storage ability and potentially clog your ice maker. You might have a forced defrost button on your freezer or you can turn off the appliance itself for a brief period to defrost this section.

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