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Electrolux Washer and Dryer Reviews [Buying Guide]

by  Ann Ferguson 

Have you ever looked at the pile of clothes you have to wash and feel overwhelmed? That defeated feeling of, I can’t finish all these at once. If you have such past experiences, there is a way out with top-rated washers and dryers. The use of washers and dryers has become a part of the 21st century, and honestly, they can be expensive, and I know you want to get the best washers and dryers at a reasonable price. If getting the best washers and dryers at an affordable price is something you are interested in, this article is for you. 

Electrolux is a top brand in laundry care, providing best-in-class cleaning and stain-removal capabilities for its washers and a state-of-the-art drying function for its dryers. Because of the benefits Electrolux laundry equipment has over other products from other manufacturers, this article is dedicated to Electrolux washers and dryers reviews to help buyers make the best choice. 

At a Glance 

About Electrolux Washers and Dryers  

Electrolux Washer and Dryer Reviews 

Why You Should Shop Electrolux Laundry 

Electrolux Washer and Dryer Performance 

Types of Electrolux Washers and Dryers 

Electrolux Washer and Dryer Pros and Cons 

About Electrolux Washers and Dryers 

 woman uses adaptive detergent dispenser on Electrolux front load washer

Electrolux is a Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer that provides cutting-edge home appliances to make housework easier. Electrolux’s slogan is “shape living for the better,” which it has done as a home appliance brand while focusing mainly on front load washing machines and dryers. Best of all, Electrolux boasts the most balanced washers and dryers with a better vibration control amongst its competitors. 

Electrolux washers and dryers dictate the standards for laundry equipment with state-of-the-art front load designs, energy efficiency, and many advantages discussed in detail in this article. Electrolux washers and dryers may be classified as expensive if you look at it plainly, but there's more to it. Isn't it an intelligent decision to buy equipment with diverse functions, durability, and efficiency at once rather than go for a substandard version? 

Electrolux Washer and Dryer Reviews 

You wouldn’t want to buy a product without knowing what to expect. So, let’s look at the features, performance, and prices associated with Electrolux washers and dryers. 

Cleaning Efficiency 

It seems right to start from the most crucial function of a washer: How well does it wash my clothes? Electrolux washers provide enough cycles to cover all your needs. Optional features, such as steam increase, provide a more robust cleaning power while dissolving detergent effectively. Steam also caters to family members with allergies. The steam function is not only limited to the washers but is also available in dryers. According to the Electrolux team of researchers, machines with steam features use less water and power, making the Electrolux brand eco-friendly. 

Energy Consumption 

The Electrolux brand has been able to maintain the requirements set by the U.S. government regarding consumption. The Electrolux washers and dryers are rated among the best on the Energy Star listing. In addition to saving energy, the brand also reduces water and the amount of detergent needed in washing. 

Top Electrolux Features 

 LuxCare Option: Electrolux front load washers and dryers include this feature to take special care of those luxury clothes you wash. This package gives you a thorough clean with improved wash action, temperature control, and smart-loading sensing. Activewear is also part of the dryers, and it allows you to protect your expensive clothes and delicate. 

 StainSock Option: For the washer, this brand starts by premixing water, detergent, and stain remover before you begin washing to give that powerful cleaning solution. You can even go as far as selecting the time based on the stain you choose to remove. 

 Balanced System (Perfect Balance Vibration Control): With top-notch Electrolux technology, washers and dryers have effective load balance for smooth and quiet laundry. With this state-of-the-art technology, you don’t have to worry about where you install your washing machine. It could be upstairs, near your bedroom—wherever you want it to be. 

✓ Specialized Cycle System: You have the option of selecting how you want to wash your clothes; the effort required in washing jeans is different from washing delicates, for example, so you can select specialized cycles according to your load. At the same time, the dryers have a dry cycle system that allows you to dry other clothing materials with tailored dry cycles. 

Who Would Benefit from Using the Electrolux Washers and Dryers? 

woman inspects blouse after unloading it from Electrolux dryer

The Electrolux brand answers all questions when it comes to who would benefit from buying their laundry products. Some of these factors include the following…  

Size: The Electrolux front load washers and dryers come in different sizes to cater to your personal or family needs. 

Location: This brand has an imbued state-of-the-art technology that reduces noise and vibration, so you don't have to worry about affecting your downstairs neighbors while you’re doing your laundry.  

Accessibility: Electrolux offers pedestals if you don’t want to bend down to get your clothes. 

Price: As mentioned previously, the Electrolux brand might seem high at a mere glance, but we can assure you it is a cost-effective investment. By using Electrolux laundry products, you spend less on energy usage, detergent, and water and still get premium features. 

Performance Overview 

To grade the Electrolux washers and dryers, we will classify them under five classes: 

Washing Ability: The Electrolux washers and dryers score 9.5/10 in washing ability because of their effective technology. The imbued cycle system, the LuxCare option, and, of course, the steam function, amongst others, ensures your clothes are clean and protected. 

Load Capacity: In load capacity, the Electrolux scores another 9.5/10 because of its frontload technology to accommodate load and the production of washers and dryers in different sizes to suit your laundry needs. 

Noise and Vibration: Electrolux takes a whopping 9.8/10 in noise and vibration. Its top-notch technology makes it rank as a top brand for noise reduction and vibration control. 

Design: We will rank the Electrolux a 7/10 in design because they are mainly based on front load washers and dryers and don't give customers the option to choose between them. The frontload has higher benefits than its twin, but most people prefer the option of choice. 

Cost: The Electrolux also ranks a 7/10 in cost. Although the brand is top-tier, it might be far above the price range of potential buyers, but in terms of functionalities, it remains king. 

Types of Electrolux Washers and Dryers

mom and daughter do laundry together with Electrolux front load washer and dryer  

  • Front Load Washer: The Electrolux brand is mainly frontloading washers. Electrolux titanium washers and dryers reviews are very positive and suggest buyers get the most out of their money. Buying an Electrolux front load washer will always be an intelligent decision. 
  • Electric Dryer: Makes use of only electricity to dry your clothes. An Electrolux electric dryer also comes with premium features to ensure your clothes get the best treatment. 
  • Gas Dryer: Typically, an Electrolux gas dryer does a faster job than any electric dryer and still ensures your clothes are appropriately treated. 

Electrolux Washers and Dryers Pros and Cons 


  • Best washing ability function 
  • State of the art technology 
  • Functions for washing different kinds of materials 
  • Noise reduction 
  • Vibration control 
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly 
  • All-encompassing to cater to specific needs and room sizes 


  • The price tag may not accommodate all budgets 
  • No option to choose between the front load or top load design 

Shop Electrolux Washers and Dryers at Spencer's 

One similarity between both the electric and dryer is that you will surely get the best using Electrolux. 

Another wise decision you can make is to buy it as a bundle or pair. This will allow you to save more money. 

Be sure to scour our catalog for Electrolux washer and dryer reviews. If you have questions about any of our top-rated laundry appliances, don’t hesitate to call or visit your friends in the business. Proud to have served our customers since 1973, we have 10 locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions. Contact Spencer’s TV & Appliance today!