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Black and White Kitchen: Complementary Appliances

by Bill Welles

A black and white themed kitchen

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How to Shop for Black and White Appliances

Top Black and White Kitchen Appliances


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There are many ways to design your kitchen that are functional and fashionable. However, one popular option for 2023 kitchen designs is to opt for neutral colors. Black and white kitchen designs are in. Homeowners are being selective with their color usage and what they draw attention to as they embrace this classic design.

If you want a black and white kitchen, shopping for appliances will be easy. There are plenty of appliances that come in both black and white — and even in different finishes. Here’s what you need to know about choosing this kitchen design, along with black and white kitchen ideas and appliances for your home.

How to Shop for Black and White Appliances

Shopping for neutral appliances isn’t always black and white. There are still various considerations that buyers need to keep in mind before they make a purchase. Here are a few factors that can help you select the best possible options for your home:

  • Finish: Choose between a shine versus a matte finish for your kitchen. Otherwise, appliances of the same color might clash with each other.
  • Brand: The brand you choose affects the quality of the appliance but also the color. A white appliance from Samsung could have a different hue than an LG one.
  • Balance: Decide whether you want all black appliances, all white appliances, or a mixture of both. This will depend on your design aesthetic.
  • Details: Check the knobs, handles, screens, and other small elements of the appliances you want to buy. Otherwise, you could accidentally introduce other colors to your kitchen.

Finally, make sure your desired appliances are available. More homeowners can’t go without a refrigerator or dishwasher for more than a few days. If you want a black appliance, but white options are in stock, you might decide it’s worth it to choose the available model. 

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Top Black and White Kitchen Appliances

Some people set up a basic kitchen remodel where they choose neutral paint colors and decorations. Other homeowners completely rebuild their kitchens with brand-new appliances with the latest technology. If you are opting for the latter option, here are a few appliance options to choose from. All of these appliances come in black or white —– and many have both options to choose from.

GE® Series 24.7 Cu. Ft. Black French Door Refrigerator

GE GNE25JGKBB black refrigerator with its doors open and stocked with various foods.

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You have options if you want to add this black refrigerator to your home. You can either buy it in a traditional black glossy model or opt for a slate design. The slate option looks black but provides a matte finish. Make sure this selection doesn’t cause your refrigerator to clash with your other black appliances.

There are plenty of features that make this refrigerator desirable for your black-and-white kitchen. French doors are a popular design style right now and provide easier organization options for homeowners. They’re also more energy-efficient because you only need to open one door to access your groceries. The freezer door pulls out so you can reach down to find whatever you need.

This is one of the top-rated refrigerator models by GE. Out of more than 5,000 customer reviews, 92 percent of buyers said they would recommend this refrigerator. One customer says, “The refrigerator fits perfectly into the smaller space we have but still gives us a lot of space inside the fridge…Both doors can open individually and you don't have to open one side before the other.”  

Bosch Ascenta® Series 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

Front view of the Bosch SHE3AR76UC black dishwasher  

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Dishwashers are rarely the featured appliances in most kitchen designs. They don’t provide the drama of a gas stove and don’t sit at eye level like a wall oven. However, dishwashers play an essential part in food preparation and save homeowners thousands of hours each year in cookware cleaning.

You can buy this Bosch dishwasher in black or white to match your existing appliances (or to provide a dramatic contrast). The main feature of this appliance is its quiet design. There are more than 18 unique sound-reducing technologies that block the hum of the motor, the sloshing of the water, and the glugging of the drain. Overall, it’s a pretty quiet dishwasher with a noise rating of 50 dBA, which is roughly as loud as a conversation.

One of the best ways to learn about this black dishwasher is to read customer reviews from people who already own it. One buyer writes, “I bought two! I bought a black one for my last house and the stainless steel for my new house. The black exterior is much easier to keep clean…They both clean dishes extremely well.” 

Samsung 1.7 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Over The Range Microwave

Front view of the Samsung ME17R7021EW over-the-range microwave  

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If you opt for this microwave model by Samsung, you can choose between a white, black stainless steel, or standard black microwave. Black stainless steel has become a popular color in kitchen design over the past few years. However, this style can clash with other high-gloss black kitchen appliances. You might be better off adding a white microwave instead to complement your black and white kitchen decor.

This over-the-range microwave is ideal for people with small spaces who want proper ventilation for their stoves. It comes with a 300 CFM ventilation system that eliminates smoke, grease, and steam from your kitchen. It can also prevent the spread of odors, so your whole house doesn’t smell like your last meal.

The microwave comes with an eco-mode to reduce its power consumption when it’s not in use. The LED displays also make it easy to use. Check out customer reviews to learn more about this model.

Frigidaire® 30" White Gas Cooktop

Overhead look at the Frigidaire FFGC3026SW 30” white gas cooktop

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Another reason to invest in a white microwave for your white and black kitchen is to pair it with a cooking surface such as this gas cooktop from Frigidaire. It comes with four sealed gas burners that are easy to clean and adjust. Each burner is covered by a cast iron grate that is light enough to remove to clean up spilled sauces and crumbs underneath. 

This white cooktop comes with color-coordinated knobs that elevate the appearance of the stove. You can adjust the gas power from knobs that are placed at the front of the cooktop for easy access. As you test the different cooking abilities of this stove, you will love playing with the different power levels. For example, you can create a delicate sauce using the low simmer burner that provides light heat.

Read what other customers have to say who already added this cooktop to their homes. One customer says, “This stove top cleans very easily, the burners don't take forever to light and the appearance is stunning. I highly recommend this stovetop due to the reasonable price and top quality.”

The magic of interior design is that you can create the look you want the way you want it, and black and white are two color options that are hard to do. Whether you want a classic or modern kitchen setup, the tuxedo kitchen is in, and our list of favorites fits right in with the design.

There’s plenty more inspiration to explore at Spencer’s TV & Appliance, the Valley’s home of the largest appliance selection at the best price prices. Shop our entire catalog today to find even more black and white appliances to give your kitchen a sophisticated look that will last through the seasons.


Find out more about black and white appliances below as we answer common questions we get about these appliance finishes.

Are white appliances hard to find?

Kitchen trends can change the availability of certain appliances. If you want to buy predominantly white appliances, you might have to wait for some models to come back in stock. When a trend like black and white kitchen design becomes popular, the supply of available appliances decreases. Consider opting for a black appliance instead.

Are white appliances difficult to clean?

The idea that white appliances are hard to keep clean is a myth. While food spills and stains show up on white appliances clearer, they are just as easy to clean (if not easier). Plus, you will see these stains faster, which means they won’t have time to harden and become difficult to remove. Spend less time scraping off food scraps with white appliances.

Are there any drawbacks to buying black appliances?

Black appliances are an incredibly popular choice in modern kitchens. However, you need to make sure all of your appliances match. A slate refrigerator will clash with a black stainless steel dishwasher. Both of those units will clash with a high-gloss black oven. Consider buying your appliances from a single brand to ensure they all match.

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