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Expert Insight on LG Washer & Dryer Pairs + Product Reviews

by Olly Mason

It’s hard to think of a situation more frustrating than a washer or dryer (or both) that underperforms. From wet clothes out of the dryer to stubborn stains that won’t come out no matter how many rounds of washes, the fact is bad laundry appliances are a waste of time and money. At first, the economical solution might seem to be replacing the greater offender of the two, but we argue upgrading to a matching washer and dryer pair can be the better route. That’s because buying a laundry set together ensures compatible features designed to enhance one another, impeccably matching styles, and complementary dimensions that look great and fit together well.

Our recommendation for a washer and dryer pair? For your money, you can’t go wrong with a matching LG laundry duo, which is why we’re giving the lineup a closer look in this buying guide complete with best LG washer and dryer sets across five categories chosen by our experts.

At a Glance:

The Pros of an LG Washer and Dryer Set

Key LG Washer and Dryer Features

Our Top LG Washer and Dryer Pairs

Why You Should Trust Us

The Pros of an LG Washer and Dryer Set

The Benefits of an LG Washer and Dryer Pair

LG has been one of the more successful brands at merging the latest technological advancements with the everyday practicality of consumer appliances. As a result, LG laundry appliances are loaded with innovative ways of achieving cleaner clothes and making the household job easier for its users.

While we’re fans of LG’s remarkable streak, we’re not the only experts that recommend LG washers and dryers. The brand has caught the attention of other prestigious product testers, most recently in:

Consumer Report’s Appliance Brand Reliability Rankings, where LG was recognized for its performance in the washer and dryer sector, ultimately ranking as the second most reliable appliance brand for washers and dryers

A customer satisfaction survey done by J.D. Power, where LG placed second for its top load washers

LG Splurges When it Comes to Capacity

Part of LG’s success also comes down to the correlation between price and value. Specifically, laundry appliances that are packed with breakthroughs in washer and dryer technology, as well as large capacities designed to fulfill the needs of the modern home.

Full-size LG washers range between 4.3–5.8 cubic feet of washer capacity, starting from large capacity up to mega capacity.

Full-size LG dryers range between 6.8–9.0 cubic feet of dryer capacity, offering dryers with some of the most drum volume available on the market (which ultimately means less loads users will have to dry).

What’s more, LG front load washers can also be paired with an LG SideKicK Pedestal Washer. This provides three benefits:

  1. The ability to wash two loads at once
  2. The freedom to wash smaller loads without running an entire washer
  3. More washer capacity without sacrificing floorspace

LG Washer and Dryer Features

Fabric care is more than about having a tidy wardrobe. It’s about being able to wear your favorite T and jeans that you feel great in or having that special little item ready at-hand for special occasions. Or, in the words of LG’s motto, “Life’s Good” when the things you love are taken care by the appliances in your home. Here’s how LG does it with its washer and dryer features.

LG Washer Features

  • TurboWash3D – LG top load washers with TurboWash3D blast through normal-size loads in 37-minute wash time by using 4-way agitation that effectively breaks down stains and messes.
  • TurboWash 360 – LG front load washers with TurboWash 360 target virtually every zone with five powerful sprays, delivering a complete wash in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Allergiene Cycle– Clean clothes goes beyond soap and water. By using steam, the Allergiene Cycle effectively removes over 95 percent of harmful bacteria and allergens for truly sanitized clothes.
  • 6Motion Technology – This feature goes beyond simple tumbling, providing up to six unique methods of agitation for a boost of stain-fighting power.
  • Direct Drive Motors – LG washers use fewer parts for quieter, longer-lasting performance, and a 10-year warranty.

LG Dryer Features

  • Sensor Dry System – Advanced sensors measure moisture and humidity to determine the instant clothes are fully dried and protect fabrics from extended drying.
  • TrueSteam – Harness the power of steam for wrinkle-free clothes with a side of sanitization.

More to Love

An additional function we love about LG is the connected technology on its smart washers and dryers. On these models, users simply download the LG ThinQ app in order to sync a washer and dryer directly to a smart device. With that power, users can start, stop, and manage the status of a wash or dry remotely, as well as receive diagnostics of issues as they happen in order to prevent damage and costly repairs.

Select LG smart washers and dryers also showcase Smart Pairing, an exciting feature that allows compatible washers and dryers to communicate via Wi-Fi. With this function, the dryer automatically receives a notification of the type of wash and customizes a dryer setting based off the information. It’s an intelligent feature that’s surprisingly a no-brainer for users.

Our Top LG Washer and Dryer Picks

LG’s exciting lineup of washers and dryers offers buyers with exclusive advancements no other brand provides on the market. If you’re looking to upgrade how you do your laundry, these seven washer and dryer sets are a must-see.

1. Best Overall: LG Graphite Steel Laundry Pair-LGLAUWT7305CW

Front view of LG LGLAUWT7305CW washer and dryer pair

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Even heaping hampers of clothes are no match for this LG top load washer and dryer set, which boasts 4.8 cubic feet of washing space and 7.3 cubic feet of dryer volume to keeps up with your heaviest laundry days. LG SmartThinQ lets your easily manage each appliance from a single connected smart device, while Smart Pairing lets you skip a step by automatically selecting an ideal dryer setting based off the type of wash.

Perks from this LG top load washer include TurboWash3D with 4-way agitation, plus 6Motion technology with enhanced tub spinning to dissolve dirt and messes more effectively. You’ll also enjoy the advanced Sensor Dry system inside this LG electric dryer, which also comes with a EasyLoad door with dual-opening that works like a hamper door or swing door to make loading and unloading even easier.

2. Best Value: LG White Front Load Laundry Pair-LGLAUDLE3400W

Front view of LG LGLAUDLE3400W washer and dryer pair

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The link below is your connection to the best price on an LG washer and dryer set, courtesy of this front load bundle. Cut down on laundry time with large capacities on both models, as well as powerful features like 6Motion Technology and the energy-saving LG ColdWash feature on the washer, and Sensor Dry that registers the moment clothes are dry to protect loads from excessive heat.

For added convenience, pair this washer and dryer set with an LG SideKick Pedestal washer for access to even more washing capacity all on the same 27-inch width washer profile.

3. Best Luxury: LG Black Steel Front Load Laundry Pair-LGLAUDLEX4500B

Front view of LG LGLAUDLEX4500B washer and dryer pair

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The mark of a premium laundry room wouldn’t be complete without a matching high-end laundry pair. This LG front load washer and dryer set has all the right elements to be called luxury, including Wi-Fi enabled controls with Smart Pairing, and mega capacities designed made for hefty laundry days.  

And since health is the ultimate luxury, we recommend this duo’s complementary system of sanitization, starting with the LG Allergiene Cycle in the washer and finishing with TurboSteam in the dryer.

4. Best Front Load: LG White Front Load Laundry Pair-LGLAUDLEX4200W

Front view of LG LGLAUDLEX4200W washer and dryer pair

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Did you know front load washers and dryers are known for their energy efficiency? This LG laundry set is no exception, offering Energy Star rated performance for both the washer and dryer, all while still delivering mega capacities and top-notch features. That includes intelligent fabric sensors that select the best washer and dryer settings, wireless operation via a smart device, and the benefit of bacteria-fighting steam in both the washer and dryer. Plus, with the ability to wash a load in 30 minutes using TurboWash 360 Technology, this smart washer and dryer pair is a miracle for busy households with high laundry demands.

5. Best Stackable: LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. Washer, 7.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer Graphite Steel Front Load Stack Laundry-WKE100HVA

Front view of LG WKE100HVA washer and dryer pair

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Rethink how you utilize your laundry room with the space-saving design of this outstanding LG stackable washer and dryer tower. At just over six feet tall, this single unit laundry appliance fits in a space about that of a standard refrigerator. Say goodbye to reaching for controls. The center panel is conveniently placed to give everyone access to both the washer and dryer from a single platform.

Exclusive technology from the LG Allergiene Cycle with steam to AI Fabric Sensors and Smart Pairing simplify your laundry regimen even further, while a simple sync to the ThinQ app on a smart device means being able to do laundry from new territories (we recommend the couch).

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