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6 Best Large Capacity Top Load Washers for Your Laundry Room

by Angela Maple

Laundry has come a long way since washing clothing on a washing board in a tub or a river. Now, there are top load washing machines that come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles with tons of advanced features that make laundry day less of a struggle ― that also can be handled remotely from anywhere in your home.

Below our experts have picked out 6 of our best large capacity top load washers from top brands in the laundry appliance market to help revitalize your laundry room.

At A Glance:

Why You Should Consider a Large Capacity Top Load Washer

Best Large Capacity Top Load Washers

How We Chose Our Top Picks

Best Brands For Top Load Washers

Why Trust Us

Why You Should Consider Large Capacity Top Load Washers

A large capacity top load washer is anything over 4.8 cubic feet, minimizing your laundry faster as you work through piles of clothes, comforters, and towels. You can fit about 12 pounds of laundry or bulky items like a king-sized comforter in the washer drum. A standard top load washer can be 8 inches taller and have slightly more capacity than front load washers, creating more space to pair a front load dryer in your laundry room.

Best Top Load Washers:

Best Overall: LG 5.5 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer-WT7800CW

white LG top washer

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Get a clean and gentle wash for larger loads in less time with this LG top load washer, loaded with powerful features and smart technology. This LG mega capacity top load washer offers a greater washing performance with the TurboWash3D that utilizes a powerful jet spray and an independently rotating tub and Direct Drive Motor that goes in the opposite direction to create powerful water flow throughout the cycle. Best of all, this 5.5 cubic foot capacity LG washer uses about 30% less energy and half the amount of water compared to regular washers, decreasing your energy usage, water consumption, and other utility bills.

Best Value: Samsung 5.2 Cu. Ft. Brushed Black Top Load Washer-WA52A5500AV

black Samsung top washer

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Wash a full load of laundry with optimal performance in less than 30 minutes with the super speed wash cycle of this brushed black top load washer from Samsung. This large capacity top load washing machine is Energy Star certified with 12 preset washing cycles that’ll wash your garments quietly with the help of noise reduction from vibration reduction technology. And you can control all smart features from the palm of your hand with the SmartThings app to get the best clean for your clothes while you take care of other things on your to-do list. Lastly, an inclusive feature to aid the visually and hearing impaired includes audio assistance that’ll play a different sound for each option and along with braille right next to key control panel buttons.

Best Luxury: LG 5.5 Cu. Ft. Black Steel Top Load Washer-WT7900HBA

black LG steel top washer

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Expand the limits of your laundry room with this luxury, wi-fi enabled black steel top load washer from LG with TurboWash3D technology. You can do laundry on the go with the LG SmartThinQ app on your smartphone or use simple voice commands to start and stop the wash from anywhere. And with the Allergiene Cycle, your clothes wash in the intense heat of steam to remove at least 95% of common household allergens to make your laundry loads asthma and allergy-friendly for your family.

Best Large Capacity Top Load Washer with Impeller: Whirlpool® 5.3 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer-WTW7120HW

white whirlpool top washer with black glass door

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Take care of those extra-large loads with customized wash cycles and a few easy touches from your smartphone that’ll keep you connected to this smart 5.3 cubic foot capacity top load washer from Whirlpool. Enjoy the pretreat station where you can soak, scrub, and wash all in one spot with a built-in, dual temperature faucet and pretreat brush. The Load & Go dispenser is a plus that will let you skip steps by simply adding detergent once and skip refills for the next 20 loads. And this high capacity top load washer provides recommendations for the right cycle combinations, or you can customize up to 36 cycles that utilize Adaptive Wash Technology with Active Bloom to sense and adapt water levels and wash actions for the best wash.

Best Large Capacity Top Load Washer with Steam Option: LG 4.8 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer-WT7305CW

white LG top washer with warranty sticker on front

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Experience a powerful yet gentle clean in less than 40 minutes with this LG 4.8 cubic foot mega capacity top load washer offering exclusive LG TurboWash3D and 6Motion technologies that guarantee a vigorous yet tender wash with the assistance of the 4-way agitator. And with this high capacity top load washer’s smooth stainless steel tub, your clothing will no longer get snagged or ruined from tears and holes during the wash cycle.  Lastly, you can stay in the know from anywhere and maintain your washer with the help of the ThinQ app and Proactive Customer Care as you receive alerts and maintenance tips on your smartphone.

Best Large Capacity Top Load Washer with Sanitize Option: Whirlpool® 4.7 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer-WTW5057LW

white Whirlpool top washer with glass door

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Upgrade your laundry room with this high-performing Whirlpool top load washer with 4.7 cubic foot capacity, featuring a smooth impeller and 360 wash agitator options with the 2-in-1 removable agitator to provide multiple wash motions for the deepest clean. And while your load is washing, you can easily check on garments with the slow-close, see-through EasyView glass lid. You can also enjoy snag-free, tear-free clothes with the help of the smooth spiral stainless steel wash basket that protects and gently circulates your clothing during all 12 wash cycles.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

When choosing our top picks, we narrowed down our requirements to laundry room space and washing performance.

Drum Size

How much space you have in your home for a top load washer will factor into the drum size you are looking for. Based on your needs, the drum size should be considered: are you washing a king-sized comforter or a twin-sized one? Do you wash a week’s worth of laundry or two days’ worth? What about bulky items?

Agitator VS. Impeller

Most top load washers have a central agitator or impeller plates, moving your clothes and mixing them with soap and water. But the traditional central agitator is a column with attached fans meant to shift clothes in the washer’s drum. In comparison, an impeller plate is built into the bottom of the drum and is better for delicate cycles and fabrics.

Best Brands For Top Load Washers


LG will redefine how you do laundry with beautifully designed laundry appliances loaded with advanced innovations meant to enhance your laundry experience inside and out.


Samsung is a brand that prides itself on providing customers with the most intelligent laundry appliances using state-of-the-art features to outsmart laundry and make your home life more manageable.


Top load washers from Whirlpool will keep your laundry under control and give you twice the washing power you have at home with cutting-edge upgrades that offer flexible ways to wash your clothes and help you keep up with laundry so you can enjoy your daily life.

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