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2 Best Gas Cooktops This Year

by Bill Welles

At a Glance:

Two Best Gas Cooktops of the Year

Why do Chefs Prefer Gas Cooktops?

What to Look for in a Gas Cooktop


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There are a dozen brands to choose from if you are in the market for a gas cooktop. Each manufacturer promises that their gas burners provide the most heat and offer the best flexibility. How can you sort the top models from ranges that only produce average results?

Don’t spend hours testing different cooktops on your own. Instead, turn to the experts that intimately know each model and can highlight which brands are best. Out of all the gas cooktops, the experts at Spencer’s TV & Appliance have seen this year, two have stood out above the rest. Consider these models if you plan to upgrade your kitchen cooktop or want a restaurant-quality appliance in your home.

Introducing the Two Best Gas Cooktops of the Year

There are countless gas cooktops that come in a variety of sizes, price ranges, brands, and even colors. However, two stand out above the rest. If you plan to add a gas cooktop to your home this year, choose between these models by Bosch and GE Monogram. 

Bosch 800® Series 30" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

The Bosch 800 Series NGM8058UC 30” gas cooktop shown with a pot of boiling water

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This Bosch gas cooktop has several features that can make preparing meals and reheating food more enjoyable. There are five total burners across various sizes, each of which is controlled by knobs at the front of the appliance. That means you don’t have to reach over hot saucepans and boiling pots to adjust your heat.

The OptiSim burner was designed to spread the heat evenly across the bottom of a pot for even simmering. This is ideal for cooking delicate sauces that can break easily. For more hearty meals, use the dual-flame power burner. This has two rings that allow you to either set a gentle flame for heating or to powerfully sear steaks and pork chops at a high temperature.  

This Bosch 30” gas cooktop comes with FlameSelect® technology. Home cooks can choose between nine pre-defined power levels which allows them to be more precise with meal preparation. If you have avoided certain recipes because they seem too delicate or complex for your abilities, try them out with your new gas cooktop.

Monogram® 36" Stainless Steel Deep-Recessed Gas Cooktop

Overhead view of the Monogram ZGU36RSLSS 36” gas cooktop

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The best gas cooktop from the year is this model by Monogram, part of the GE family. It also comes with five burners that are protected by easy-to-remove metal grates. The deep-recessed base of this cooktop is ideal for catching bits of food that fly out when you are cooking. When it’s time to clean your cooktop, remove the grates and wipe anything that fell below.

This GE Monogram gas cooktop is known for its high-output cooking. The largest burner operates at 20,000 BTUs and has a tri-ring system to maximize power. This burner is ideal for boiling water quickly, as well as searing, frying, and sautéing. The cooktop comes with a cast-iron griddle by Monogram, so you can evenly cook the perfect grilled cheese sandwich or fry an egg on a flat space.

Learn more about this 36” gas cooktop by reading customer reviews from people who bought it. One person writes, “Our favorite feature is the ability to simmer on all burners. We also love that the knobs light up when they are on. My husband said this was an easy DIY install.”

Why do Chefs Prefer Gas Cooktops?

The debate about the merits of a gas vs. electric stove is one of the most heated conversations in the kitchen. Some cooks refuse to cook with anything but gas in their homes, while others have found electric and induction models that perform just as well. If you have never used a gas cooktop before, you might wonder what all of the hype is about. Here are a few reasons these models are preferred:

  • Gas stoves provide immediate heat. Electric burners can take a few minutes to heat up, which can slow down the cooking process.
  • The temperature is easy to control. In the same way that gas stoves heat up quickly, they also cool fast. Chefs can lower the heat immediately to cook more delicate meals.
  • Gas tends to cook meals faster. Every minute counts in the kitchen. You can cook your meals faster and spend less time sweating over a cooktop with a gas range.
  • Gas can be more energy-efficient. This depends on the price of gas, but faster heating and cooking means less energy is used. It can also be more environmentally friendly compared to electricity sources that are powered by coal.

Despite these benefits, gas cooktops aren’t for everyone. You do need a gas pipeline in your house to install one. If you don’t have a gas line, look into similar cooktops by Bosch and Monogram. Both brands make high-quality electric and induction cooktops. 

What to Look for in a Gas Cooktop

A man describing a gas cooktop to a man and a woman

If you still want to shop around and evaluate different gas cooktops, make sure you know what to look for. There are a few key components of every gas range that can either improve the cooking experience or leave you frustrated. Test out each of these elements to see if they work for you.

  • Size: Choosing the right size cooktop is essential when replacing existing models. Most gas ranges come in 30” or 36” models. Make sure your range fits your home.
  • Burners: Make sure the range has enough burners to meet your needs. Today’s larger cooktops come with five or six burners for added cooking options.
  • Flexibility: Your burners should come in a variety of sizes and power levels for better cooking. Some burners even have dual or triple rings.
  • Grates: Can you easily remove and replace each grate that protects the burner? This will be essential when you are cleaning your appliance.
  • Knobs: Make sure the knobs are in the right position for you to easily manage heat levels.  
  • Control: The top gas cooktop models will allow you to easily increase or decrease your heat with preset options.

Additionally, look for bonus features that can improve the experience of using a gas cooktop. For example, a downdraft is a ventilation system that is built into the cooking surface. It pulls smoke and gas from your range so these fumes don’t spread through the air. Some newer gas cooktops have downdrafts built in, but usually, you’ll need to purchase an over-the-range hood.

Because gas produces more heat than electric or induction, a range hood is a necessity. For reference, a range hood should have a rating of 100 CFMs (cubic feet per minute) for every 10,000 BTUs of output it emits.

Gas cooktops are the quintessential cooking tool still used in professional kitchens and the homes of aspiring culinarians. With the introduction of induction cooktops, gas models now occupy the mid-tier category when it comes to pricing, so upgrading to a gas cooktop is no longer the most expensive option for buyers.

Of course, Spencer’s TV & Appliance offers the largest selection and best prices in the valley compared to other Phoenix appliance stores. Browse our extensive collection online or in-store today to find the hottest gas cooktop styles for your lifestyle at prices that are unbeatable.


To round out this guide, let’s go over a few questions we get from our buying regarding gas cooktops.

What is the most energy-efficient cooktop?

Induction stoves are considered the most energy-efficient option for cooking. These stoves directly heat the pot or pan rather than giving off heat on their own. This means less energy is used or wasted. Gas stoves can be more efficient than electric ones because they cook food faster and use less energy. However, gas prices can make them more expensive to use.

What are BTUs on a gas stove? 

BTUs are a unit of measurement to describe the output on your stove. The higher the BTUs, the more powerful the burner. BTU stands for British thermal unit and describes the amount of gas used over a period of time (usually a minute). The average gas cooktop will have burners that can reach at least 10,000 BTUs. However, advanced stoves may have power burners that exceed 20,000 BTUs at their highest setting.

How do you measure a gas range?

The biggest measurement to consider when buying a gas range is the width. Most gas ranges are either 30 inches or 36 inches wide. However, you also need to make sure your range will fit with your given depth. If you don’t measure the depth, your range might stick out from your cabinets. It’s easier to find a cooktop that fits your cabinets than to build cabinets around a range.     

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At Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we provide high-quality, name-brand products at great prices — check out our catalog to shop gas cooktops online today. Your friends in the business are always happy to help you find the best gas cooktop for your home. Call us, or better yet, stop by at one of our locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions. Visit us today!

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