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The Best Chest Freezers | Top Rated Chest Freezers Reviewed

by Bill Welles

Whether you’re trying to limit your trips to the grocery store or are simply stocking up on your favorite frozen treats to survive this summer, it’s likely that the freezer compartment on your refrigerator is already at maximum capacity. That’s why many families look to invest in a chest freezer to automatically increase their storage space and add a level of convenience to their meal prep routine. Since there are several chest freezers to choose from, our team at Spencer's TV & Appliance wants to help you find the best-rated products for your kitchen, garage, or basement. Follow our latest blog as we highlight some of the best chest freezers available online or in-store.

woman opening the door on her chest freezer

Our Top 4 Chest Freezer Picks

Buying Considerations

Before you purchase a new chest freezer, you’ll need to first consider where you plan to install the appliance and how much storage capacity you’ll require. These two factors will help you determine what size freezer you need for your space. Chest freezers vary in size—a typical kitchen freezer will range from five to nine cubic feet, whereas larger freezer models used in a garage can be a large as 15 to 25 cubic feet.

And be aware, most chest freezers aren’t self-defrosting, so if you notice a considerable amount of frost building up, you’ll need to briefly unplug the appliance, open the door, and allow any ice to melt on its own. Freezer models differ across the board, but there are a few standout features that may catch your attention, including storage baskets to keep smaller items from being buried, interior lighting so you can easily spot the item you’re looking for, and attached wheels to allow for increased mobility when you need to relocate your freezer.

You can finally chill out—we’re ready to uncover our list of top freezer models from one of the most reliable brands in the industry: Frigidaire.

1. Best Overall Chest Freezer: Frigidaire 7 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFCS0722AW)

This Frigidaire chest freezer will help you store frozen goods and optimize your shopping list without taking up too much space in your home. Great for keeping large or small items ice-cold, this freezer model features a removable basket that slides in and out so you can see the items underneath and keep your appliance neat and organized.

Manual Defrost maintains a more consistent freezing temperature to prevent freezer burn, the Power-On Indicator Light lets you know your freezer is set to the correct temperature, and you can easily adjust the freeze setting with External Temperature Control and avoid releasing cold air every time you open the lid.

This freezer model is recommended for household kitchens that need a little extra freezer space to keep up with their grocery list.

Frigidaire chest freezer with removable basket

2. Best Chest Freezer for Small Spaces: Frigidaire 5 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFCS0522AW)

If you’re looking for a small appliance that makes a big difference in your freezer storage, then your search is over. This freezer model provides a more compact five cubic feet storage capacity to house perishable items that are already spilling out of your fridge. A product his size will fit nice and snug in your kitchen without looking like an industrial freezer unit.

It includes the same features listed on the best overall model; the only difference is size. A smaller freezer has its advantages because it allows you to only shop for the food you can eat right away, it helps simplify your meal prep, and it’s easier to maintain frost buildup on a smaller appliance.

This freezer model is recommended for routine freezer storage, not bulk shopping. With five cubic feet, there won’t be enough space to store large quantities of food.

Frigidaire chest freezer with an open lid

3. Best Chest Freezer for Large Spaces: Frigidaire 24.8 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFFC25M4TW)

If you plan to place your chest freezer in a larger space as part of your outdoor kitchen, then you’ll need some serious storage space. With an ultra-spacious 24.8 cubic feet of capacity, this Frigidaire chest freezer features Adjustable Temperature Controls that allow you to select the correct temperature for your freezing needs. Know that your freezer is working properly with the Power-On Indicator Light, and the Pop-Out key automatically ejects after locking so you won't leave the key in the freezer door.

Optional casters (wheels) are included to allow for convenient movement of your freezer, and the sliding SpaceWise Adjustable Baskets help you find items quickly and organize your food by categories or purchase date.

This freezer model is recommended for those who require the maximum level of storage space. If you buy groceries in bulk, store an endless surplus of meat during grilling season, or enjoy the convenience of a fully dedicated freezer space, this is the product for you.

using a key to open the chest freezer

4. Best Chest Freezer for the Garage: Frigidaire 14.8 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer (FFFC15M4TW)

If you’re a fan of the large-capacity freezer listed above, this version has the same features with a slightly slimmed-down construction. It’s not quite as robust, but the 14.8 cubic feet capacity is still an efficient and functional freezer choice for your garage.

It also includes two removable baskets for a versatile storage solution, a color-coordinated handle with a Power-On Indicator that casts a green light when your appliance has reached the set temperature, attachable wheels, a Pop-Out key, and Adjustable Temperature Control.

This freezer model is recommended for those who utilize their garage as a secondary entertainment or culinary space. Whether you’re storing food for routine meal prep or game days to watch the Suns’ upcoming playoff run, a garage freezer is a fine investment.

Frigidaire chest freezer with lid fully open

Shop Frigidaire Chest Freezers Today

Summer is right around the corner, which means it won’t be cooling down in Arizona anytime soon (or ever). Beat the heat and invest in a new chest freezer to keep you and your food cool.

If you have other questions or would like more information on our best Frigidaire freezers, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit us at your local Spencer’s TV & Appliance store. We are proud to service customers at 10 store locations across the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions.