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7 Best Built in Microwaves [Reviews + Buying Guide]

by Olly Mason

We know what you’re thinking. You can put away the coffeemaker when it’s not in use and keep the microwave out at all times. That way, you’ll have a little more workspace for you to do kitchen prep throughout the day. We applaud your practicality, but the truth is there’s a better solution to this scenario: built in microwaves. 

You’ve probably entertained the idea of upgrading to a built in microwave for a while, but finding the best built in microwave is a bigger decision than selecting a countertop microwave. To help guide you in your decision, we’ve rounded up seven models from our catalog, each with an ideal buyer in mind. Which pick will you choose?

At a Glance:

Best Overall Built in Microwave

Best Value Built in Microwave

Best Luxury Built in Microwave

Best Large Capacity Built in Microwave

Best Convection Built in Microwave

Best Built in Microwave with Sensor Cooking

Best Energy Star Built in Microwave

Our Selection Process

Built in Microwave FAQs

Why Trust Us?

By now, you’re probably well past wondering what a built in microwave is and are starting to consider the benefits of making the switch. For starters, keep in mind over-the-range microwaves and built in microwaves are not the same. Those installed over a range, rangetop, or cooktop are specially designed to ventilate smoke, odor, and grease directly from the source below. Built in microwaves are simply an upgraded variation of the countertop microwave.

On top of allowing you to reclaim countertop space, other incentives include:

➕ A custom look

➕ Better features

➕ Larger capacities

➕ Flush installation

Our Best Built-in Microwave Picks

Take your microwave game to a new level with this roundup of top-performing built in microwaves recommended by our appliance experts.

Best Overall: KitchenAid® 1.4 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built In Microwave (KMBP100ESS)

Front view of KitchenAid KMBP100ESS built-in speed oven microwave

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Over 91 percent of buyers agree this KitchenAid built in microwave is a major asset in the kitchen that does so much more than simply microwaving. Zapping leftovers is just the beginning. Together with powerful convection cooking, a steam function, and Crispwave technology with grilling and frying, this high-end microwave grants you a variety of cooking methods from a single machine. Add its signature professional design to your kitchen to enhance its look and function all in one go.


Best Value: Frigidaire® 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built In Microwave (FFMO1611LS)

Front view of Frigidaire FFMO1611LS 22-inch built-in microwave

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It’s hard to beat the price of this Frigidaire built in microwave under $199, and best of all, its sleek look doesn’t feel like a downgrade. Fashioned with a timeless stainless-steel trim, digital touch controls, and handless design, this bargain built in microwave fits flush into your cabinetry for a truly custom presentation. Functions include 10 power levels, multi-stage cooking with variable stages of output, and sensor cooking ideal for handling quick side dishes and reheating leftovers for a fast meal at home.


  • Extra-large turntable
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • Sensor cooking option
  • 10 power levels 

Best Luxury: Thermador® Professional 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built in Microwave (MB30WP)

Front view of Thermador MB30WP 30-ich built-in microwave

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How do you take the modest microwave and turn it into something truly remarkable? Ask Thermador, the luxury appliance brand responsible for this premium built in microwave pick. A completely reimagined design in stainless steel, with a drop-down door, and featureless electronic controls captures the essence of professional restaurants and delivers it to your kitchen. Results are equally as impressive, thanks to 10 power levels, including advanced sensor cooking, 1.6 cubic feet of spacious capacity, and 950 watts of output to quickly cook meals, minus the rubbery texture.


  • Sensor cooking options
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Flexible vertical or horizontal installation 

>Best Large Capacity Built-in Microwave: Frigidaire Professional® 2.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built In Microwave (FPMO227NUF)

Front view of Frigidaire Professional FPMO227NUF large-capacity built-in microwave

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Forget dealing with cookware that is too big for your microwave. At just 25 inches in width, this Frigidaire built in microwave uses the same amount of space as a standard microwave. However, 2.2 cubic feet of capacity gives you the flexibility to reheat platters as large as 9” x 13” casserole dishes. Do more inside all that space with PowerSense technology’s cooking accuracy, a melt setting, and auto defrost to go from frozen to finished in less time.


  • PowerSense Cooking
  • Extra-large 2.2 cubic-foot capacity
  • Smudge-Proof stainless-steel finish
  • Auto defrost 

Best Convection Built-in Microwave: Café™ 1.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built In Microwave/Convection (CWB713P2NS1)

Front view of Café CWB713P2NS1 built-in convection microwave oven

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If you’re a glutton for glamor, this Café built in microwave will surely satisfy your gourmet cravings. Enjoy the luxury of more with the freedom to prepare foods with a microwave or convection setting, as well a steam control that’s great for a quick and healthy vegetable side.


  • Convection mode
  • Steam cook option
  • My Cycle memory function
  • Cooking rack included

Best Built-in Microwave with Sensor Cooking: GE Profile™ 2.2 Cu. Ft. Gray Built In Microwave (PEB7227ANDD)

Front view of GE Profile PEB7227ANDD large-capacity built-in microwave

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Unless it’s popcorn, standing watching food cook in front of a microwave is never really a joy. Sensor cooking on this GE Profile built in microwave does the work for you by automatically regulating heat levels and cook times and keeping foods from overcooking. It’s as simple as selecting one of the preselected sensor controls and letting it go to work. This recommended built in microwave also provides 2.2 cubic feet of workspace with an extra-large turntable to accommodate multiple dishes or large cookware with ease.


  • Sensor cooking technology
  • Extra-large capacity
  • 16-inch turntable

>Best Energy Star Built-in Microwave: Frigidaire Gallery® 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built In Microwave (FGMO3067UF)

Front view of Frigidaire Gallery FGMO3067UF built-in microwave

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Your mission to building an eco-friendly kitchen continues with his Energy Star certified built in microwave with the sleek aesthetics of the Frigidaire Gallery collection. Enjoy a modern approach to microwaving, from sensor cooking to a drop-down door for easier access to dinnerware, plus an easy-to-clean interior and digital controls that accentuate this pick’s sophisticated design.


  • Sensor cooking technology
  • Extra-large turntable 
  • Drop-down door design
  • Energy Star certified 

Our Selection Process

Our goal is to help guide you to the right appliance for your kitchen and lifestyle. Now that you’ve got a sample of a few winning built in microwave picks, take a look behind to scenes to see why they made the cut.


Countertop microwaves are pretty simple when it comes to installation: Plug into an outlet and you’re ready to treat yourself to your frozen dinner guilty pleasure. There’s no reason built in microwaves shouldn’t be simple, too. For this list, we stuck with models that can either be installed as-is or with an optional trim kit. Top marks go to brands like Thermador, which give users the flexibility to install next to another appliance or above it.

While we recommend you have an appliance professional do your installation, a careful read through the manual should provide all the info for the everyday homeowner to install these appliances.


Countertop microwaves can register as low as 600 watts of power, which is intended for short cooking periods. Since foods often come out underdone with models in this range, overcooking is a common problem. Built in microwaves included in this list have a minimum of 950 watts of power, with a few picks even registering a whopping 1,600 watts. This ensures foods don’t come out overcooked and you can enjoy them faster.


It’s hard to justify splurging for a built in microwave solely for the look. Dishing out the extra cost should come with other benefits, such as convection, Wi-Fi programming, and more capacity, to name a few. Other features we liked include sensor cooking, quick modes, and multiple microwave settings that increase the number of ways you can use a built in microwave.

Built in Microwave FAQs

An informed purchase is a smart purchase. Here are few questions buyers like you are asking about built in microwaves.

How do I install a built in microwave?

Like all built in appliances, professional installation is recommended when fitting a built in microwave. For more instructions on how to install your built in microwave, contact an expert today.

Do built in microwaves need to be vented?

Unlike over-the-range microwaves which are installed over a cooking appliance, built in microwaves aren’t made with ventilation fans. That means there’s no additional venting required; simply leave the manufacturer’s recommended clearance around the appliance.

What is a built in microwave trim kit?

Depending on the brand and model, some built in microwaves come unfinished on the sides. Trim kits hide the exposure and also add a touch of detail for a custom kitchen look. Always consult the owner’s manual to verify if your model needs a trim kit and which kit is compatible with your built in microwave.

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